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Young Lady Tries Evangelising For The First Time!

23 November 2011 No Comment

From time to time I receive emails from people about their adventures in evangelism. Below is an account from a young lady called Benedicte.

Hi Julian,


I hope you are well. Today, I paid for the evangelism resources I bought from you. 

Also, today, I used the red laminated booklet (one of the tools your produced for delivering the gospel) for the first time .
This morning, I went to Botany Shopping Centre (a suburb in Auckland) to have coffee with a friend, then I sat down and read the red laminated booklet and the thin black booklet (called ‘How to Be Sure of Going to Heaven When we Die), after reading them, I prayed God would lead me to people who need to hear the Gospel.

Then, I walked in the shopping centre for a few minutes and saw a couple seated on a bench, and I thought “Here are the people I’m going to talk to.”

So I went their way, greeted them and asked them if they wanted to answer a few questions and they said yes!

Great, so I sat beside the lady and off I went.

These two people seemed very intersested in what I was sharing with them.

The lady even laughed several times because of her answers. I hadn’t finished the first part of the booklet that the rest of the family came along, the grandmother, two few young people including a mother and her little girl.

I greeted them, told them what I was sharing about, and asked them if they wanted to hear the message I was sharing with the couple, and they said yes!

So I carried on. I had a very good time with them. The grandmother knew her Bible very well but she said that if she died today she wouldn’t go to heaven, because she drunk and swore.

I kindly answered her that Jesus could forgive us ALL our sins if we admit, turn away from them and follow his ways. I cannot remember what she replied to me. Then, they told me “What you are saying is really good! You should talk to our aunty.

She is a Christian but she is in the bar over there gambling.”

A few minutes later, the aunty came out of the bar and arrived where we are were.

 I greeted her, explained what I was doing, she sat down beside me on the bench, and I asked her if she wanted to answer a few questions.

She answered that she was a born again Christian, that she was exhausted and she wanted a coffee. I asked again if she wanted to answer a few questions and hear about what it is to be a Christian, she said she didn’t want to answer my questions, so I started reading her the message. She said that she knew all that stuff and finally she said she wanted to go and have a coffee so I let her go.

But before I went, I encouraged the whole family to turn away from the wrong things they do in their lives and to surrender to Jesus. Then I said goobye, they smiled at me and farewelled me as well. 

I praise the Lord,  for the time I spent sharing with this family. The booklet is wonderful and God is great! 

I pray that God will use the tools you have produced to turn many to Christ. 

In His love, 


Benedicte: I am so proud of you. You had the courage to go out there and try and reach the lost with the gospel.  I can only imagine the size of the smile you put on the face of Jesus doing this.  It takes faith and courage to do what you did. And the Lord in His wisdom gave you people who were receptive and open on your first attempt.  Most people would have been terrified when the whole family turned up but you invited them to join in, and they did, and you carried on! Brilliant.  Let’s believe that the Holy Spirit will now grow the seed of the gospel you planted.  This is the whole point – without your going, and your courage, they may never have heard! As it is written, ‘How will they hear unless we go? Who will tell them unless we speak? As it is written ‘how lovely are the feet of Him who brings good news!’  Don’t stop Bene – your adventure has only just begun.









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