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What To Say To An Atheist

1 July 2012 3 Comments

I was out giving the gospel today and walked in Burger King.

Having a meal all by himself was a guy in his late twenties, dressed in full motorbike leathers. His helmet was on the table next to his meal. To be honest, he looked quite ominous.

I approached him in the usual way and asked him if he would like to watch the video on my iphone.

Just before he started, he explained that he was an atheist and politely asked if that disqualified him from watching it.

I said of course not and he proceeded.

At the end, I asked him the question “If everything you’ve seen here is true, and you died tonight, where would you go?”

He said if it were true he’d go to hell.  Then he went on to explain how both his parents were atheists.

But here’s the thing – he had a gentle spirit. He was soft and seemed open.

I drew a diagram for him which I believe helps open atheists up to the possibility of the existence of God. You can see what I drew here  He said it was very thought provoking and he couldn’t argue with the logic of its message.

The wonderful thing about my time with this atheist was this – the seed of the gospel has been lovingly and graciously planted and now it’s up to the work of the Holy Spirit to “grow” the seed and bring belief (Mark 4:26-29).

Knowing this there is therefore no need to bash or argue or cajole people into belief. We can can just focus on being loving and caring and gentle and let the Holy Spirit through the gospel do the convicting and converting.

Once again I marveled at how technology has helped us communicate the gospel message.  The video capability of an iphone makes evangelism an absolute joy.

No kidding,  I noticed that during the 11 minutes this lovely young guy was so glued to the presentation that he didn’t take another bite out of his burger for at least two thirds of the video.

It literally sat there dripping in his hand.  That’s the power of the gospel! (Romans 1:16).

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  • Bruce McIntyre says:

    Thanks for that bit added to the clip about the circle, I will be taking that down to the South Island with me this week when we go down on an outreach into Picton and Blenheim. Pray for us that GOD will use us mightily and tha the HOLY SPIRIT wil empower us to proclaim the GOSPEL with great power.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Hi Bruce,
    Have a wonderful trip my friend….what a blessing you are!!!

  • Lorraine Wilson says:

    Hi Julian,

    Would you plz send me Bruce McIntyre’s email address?
    Bruce & Whinney are friend’s of mine & I have lost contact with them.

    If you cant because of privacy act my contact details are:

    Lorraine Wilson
    Ph: 09 624 0333
    Mob: 027 229 0695

    Love in Christ,
    Lorraine Wilson.

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