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USA Pastor Reports 40% Of His Church Active In Evangelism!

16 October 2013 6 Comments

Hi everyone,

The Biblical mandate, or job description, of an evangelist is to equip the saints for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11-14). That isDarryl and Pati to say, to motivate and equip those without the gift so that they will evangelise regularly.

When Jesus said “go into all the world and proclaim the gospel” (Mark 16:15) the construction of the Greek text indicates that we are to evangelise “as we go about the normal course of each day.”

This is crucially important.

Most evangelists are stuck on “event” mode.

That is to say, running one off special evangelism events.

One pastor in the USA (Darryl and his wife Pati) who we are working with is definitely not in this mode.

I recently received an email from Darryl where he reported that he is consistently seeing 40% of his church active in evangelism.

Even though his church is not a mega church,  to achieve 40% activation is remarkable.

Darryl is doing it just right.

That is to say, he is focussed on motivating and equipping the people in his church to spread or proclaim the gospel as they go about their day.

He is not focussing on events.

His next evangelism initiative in his church involves writing hand written letters to people who are new comers to his city, welcoming them, and inviting them to connect.

They are bathing the initiative in prayer.

I have no doubt this initiative will lead to friendship, shared meals, and fresh new disciples.

In every welcome letter, Darryl is including a card.

By combining evangelism (e.g. handing out cards) and good works (i.e. praying and doing practical things freedomlike writing hand written letters) they are right in the centre of God’s will.  Wow!

Ultimately, the results are in the hands of God.

In the final analysis, when all is said and done, we are not going to be judged on our ‘results’ but they extent to which we did His will.

What’s an awesome liberating freeing truth that is!

Please remember Darryl and his dear wife Pati in your prayers as they strive to bring Jesus glory in their corner of the vineyard.

P.S the ministers association in Darryl’s city were, some months back, all ‘hot’ and good to go on the idea of uniting for the cause of the Great Commission, but when push came to shove, and they found out they were going to have to lead their churches by example, they cooled off rapidly.

What’s the cause of this?

Doubtless, and in my experience, they would all have proffered very “spiritual” sounding reasons as to why they didn’t want to / couldn’t do evangelism personally.

bravery 3But the reality is this (i.e. the truth of the matter) – and this I have come to after decades of working with church leaders around the world – is that they are fearful and lack courage.

11 of the 12 original disciples were martyred – that’s bravery.

Paul the Apostle was the bravest man on the planet.

Jesus epitomised bravery and courage.

How do we bring good old fashioned courage and bravery back into God’s Church, especially among leaders?

What puzzles me is that church leaders are indwelt by the Holy Spirt (and therefore have the greatest source of power of all), and non-Christians are not.

Yet it is the non-Christians (and penguins) who are often displaying bravery and courage – on the sports field, in the army, in business, in relationships and so on.

They will literally die for their cause / team / business.

Surely, the church leaders of this generation are not all whimps?

Are they…..?

Once again, my question is this - with respect to evangelism, how do we bring good old fashioned courage and bravery back into God’s Church, especially among its leaders?

Now there is something to think about…..




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  • Bruce McIntyre says:

    The question must again pop up, are we really filled with the Holy Spirit if we don’t go as Jesus said we should.
    The real question here is if we love as Jesus loved then it is not courage we need but His love and that has been poured out to us in abundance in the person of the Holy SPirit, and He has come to not just give us a warm fuzzy feeling but to testify about Jesus, and how is He going to do this? the answer has to be through us whom Christ has called to goand proclaim the Kingdom of God ad to make disciples as well as heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons.
    The latter we do following Jesus command and example but underpinning all these works is the agape love of God manifest in all those who truly love Jesus.
    So if we truly love Jesus, then surely we will love others even as He loved us and gave His life for us.
    I don’t go down the street every Saturday morning or during the week to be a witness for Jesus or to be an evangelist, I go down the street because Jesus has done for mr what I asked a number of years ago and that is to see the lost through His eyes and not mine, that resulted in a number of days seeing souls going to hell and I felt the greif that Jesus felt and feels for them. Are we not straining forward to the high calling of God in Christ Jesus, if so then if we really believe that we are called of God then we must be continually filled with the Holy Spirit that we will go into all the world and fulfill the commision that has been given to all Christians, that is to be witnesses of His.
    If we don’t then it is not fear that is stopping us, it is rebellion and unbelief, because I assume we all know the Scripture that says “perfect love cast out all fear”.
    The book of Hebrews gives a clear message as to what happened to those who did not beleave the words spoken by Moses that the Lord had given.

  • alan woods says:

    It seems that the church has so removed itself from life as led by non christians that the aspects of courage, service, and dedication to “their” cause, that they demonstrate make us appear to have lost it.
    As you say, with the Spirit of God inside us why is it so? Tragically the role of Pastor seems to have changed over time from the biblical model Paul seemed to insist upon (2Tim 4:5) our devotion to the “cause, fulfill your ministry”. I too have heard the Fear not sermons but I have not seen it in action regarding evangelism. Perhaps it is the obvious, they are afraid of the unknown (evangelism), now that is scary stuff, fancy having to tell people how they can avoid the second death, I mean being involved and working with God in life saving ministry, how scary can that be?

  • Rev John says:

    Have just done the fivefold survey of my church.
    Stacks of pastors, about 40% and teachers, a few apostles and prophets, and 2 evangelists and one of them is me.

    So one other evangelists in a congregation of 50.

    That’s about only 4%!

    I thing God has got this all very wrong.

    Surely if the church is going to grow and transform the community I would have a least expected half the people to have had the gift of evangelism.

    To get 40% of a congregation doing evangelism is amazing.

    Julian, I am really questioning this distribution of giftings. Why so few evangelists?

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Bruce, everything you say is true. However, the question remains – how do we get courage and bravery back into church leaders? What, practically, can be done?

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Alan, everything you say is true. However, the question remains – how do we get courage and bravery back into church leaders? What, practically, can be done?
    The issue too, is that most church leaders just simply do not value evangelism. It’s rated incredibly low on their list of priorities. Again, what can be done, practically, to fix this. How come we have a pastor in the USA, Darryl, who reads my book, and then gets fired up, and takes off. He has been going a couple of years now, so he is no ‘one month wonder’. Darryl and Pati have really caught God’s heart for evangelism. Hence, they have caught the vision to do evangelism themselves and to mobilise others.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    I am not surprised at all at the 4% figure for evangelists in your church. In fact, I think God’s been generous!

    You only need one really effective evangelist in each church to mobilise a whole church to evangelise.

    Remember, the evangelist(Biblically) is not the one who does all the evangelism.

    The evangelist is the one who is charged with mobilising everyone else (Ephesians 4:11-14).

    Those people without the gift of evangelism who engage in evangelism, are evangelisers, not evangelists.

    Only those with the gift are evangelists.

    So where to from here John? Work with the other evangelist to mobilise your whole church into evangelism?

    You should start by duplicating what Ian Pimm has done at St Andrews in Waipukurau. Watch this:

    All the people in the video are from Ian’s church and they are getting a good number of locals watching it! It’s a great strategy.

    The people in Ian’s church are making business cards with this web address on them, and handing the cards out as they go about their day. Perfect!

    This enables the shy and the timid to get going in evangelism in a very non-threatening way.

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