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Update on developments in Canada

19 September 2011 No Comment

Hi everyone,

This email just came in from Canada. As I have said in previous emails, a pastor from Canada ordered my book, read it, and look what God has done!

“Hello brother,

We had a wonderful service today! Even had a few new people out.
We did the first lesson of the EVANGELISM DVD’s. I paused the DVD where you looked at 14 things that pass for many as evangelism.
Some thought all 14 were evangelism ….but not those that have been in my services the last two weeks where I have been teaching on evangelism based on your book! These ones answered that the 14 things you list were not evangelism.
One visiting lady said all 14 were evangelism and looked shocked to find out that none were!
I had the ‘’ cards printed and gave then out after service. We had one visiting man, 29 years old who just found out about our church (just arrived in Canada from India) loved the service and said is going to make his church! He confessed to me he does not do evangelism and was interested with the teaching!

After the service was over I asked how many were excited about them going to be able to preach the gospel. The ones that had been in my services the last three weeks (who had heard the evangelism teaching) all said yes but the ones that this was their first week said ‘no.’ They couldn’t see themselves doing it. This proves that the Holy Spirit is working through your teaching to release people in evangelism.

I have 10,000 tracts coming in the next 7-10 days.

I will keep you posted…

Thanks for everything! Russ

P.S. did you send me the solution for downloading the 11 min for apple?

NOTE: the photo is not Russ. I don’t have a photo of him yet.  I just thought we needed a photo so found this one and inserted it.

Please pray for this dear man and our work in Canada.

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