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Two People, Two Completely Different Responses

13 September 2012 One Comment

Hi everyone,

Tonight I was out evangelising.

The first person I approached was a guy in his late 60′s in McDonalds. He was a biker.

Within the first 30 seconds of our conversation, he told me he didn’t want to continue.

He was hard, resilient, and negative.

Jesus said there would be hard soil out there in the world, so I was not surprised.

The next couple I approached a few minutes later were in their early 30′s. Their response was COMPLETELY different. They were total non-Christians.

Once I had got them started on the gospel video via my iphone, I went back to my table, looking up occasionally to see what their reaction was.

To my utter amazement, they stopped eating completely all the way through the video (even though I had encouraged them to continue eating as they watched), mesmerised.

At the end, both confessed they were going to hell, albeit sheepishly.

They couldn’t thank me enough for coming over to them.

We exchanged mobile numbers and they eagerly took the follow up booklet HOW TO BE SURE OF GOING TO HEAVEN WHEN WE DIE.

They were thirsty for truth, and drank in the gospel.

Jesus also told us to expect some soil to be soft and warm and receptive.

These two soil types were only a few metres apart.

What happened in McDonalds tonight is a graphic example of final judgement at the Second Coming.

Jesus said in Matthew 24:40 “Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left.”

How we respond to the gospel now will determine how Jesus responds to us then.

A frightening thought.

Yet, if the thirsty young couple had never heard the gospel, they would, by default, if no one went to them in their life time with the gospel, end in the same place as the hard hearted biker.

This is why Paul said “how will they hear unless we go, who will tell them unless we speak” (Romans 10:12-14).

My friends, with the state of evangelism in the West as it is, you can be certain of one thing.

If you don’t tell the gospel to those strangers you brush with every day, you can be almost certain they will never hear it in their lifetime.

It’s a complete trick of the enemy to have us think that someone else will speak to them later.

If you don’t, no one else will.

It’s really that simple.

Think about it.


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  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Hi John, Google your question and you’ll get the answer. I am too busy at the moment. Sorry mate.

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