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The Power Of A Simple Testimony

16 July 2011 2 Comments

When we share our testimony it is not about us but about God.  We are declaring what God has done or is doing in or through our lives.  Our testimony should  point to His love for us and be given with the purpose of His receiving all the praise and glory from our grateful hearts.


The Lord uses testimonies.


In my own life I can look back and recall the impact that people’s testimonies had in preparing the soil of my heart to receive the seed of the gospel which God caused to grow and brought me to my knees in surrender to the King of Kings.

My sharing with you about the car, the fish and the wheelchair made me realise how God can use an account of a seemingly simple event in my life.

This is what happened. There is a domino effect here.

  • Julian Batchelor is on my mailing list so he received what I had written.
  • Julian wrote some kind and useful thoughts on what had taken place and put them up on his blog.
  • From that blog message Julian received feedback and orders for the Bible in 11 minute cards which are no doubt now circulating and reaching people with the gospel.
  • Julian`s blog message about “the car, the fish and the wheelchair” was read by a first cousin of mine who sent it to my older sister.
  • Sometime later my sister sent an email to my cousin with a copy to me of a link to a YouTube video of the four tenors singing “Amazing Grace” in the coliseum in Rome. This is the first time anything of a spiritual nature has ever come my way from my sister and that link had been sent to her by someone else. (So the Lord is moving by His Spirit!)
  • I made the decision to forward the link to Julian`s blog to my four adult children.  Three have so far responded, and one  asked me for some Bible in 11 minutes cards with the comment “I mustn’t hide my light under a bushel”.

Can you see the ripple from one simple testimony?

If you have a testimony you would like to send to me I will happily forward it to those on my list.




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  • john cromarty says:

    My teams are screaming at me for tracts Julian, the local christian bookship has tracts but no where near as good so help me out buddy, send 150 tracts, Now!and I will testify of the wonders of God

  • admin says:

    You should have the tracts today John…keep up the awesome work mate…the tracts were sent to 10 Metzger St…be blessed!

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