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“The Gospel” – What It Is And Isn’t

10 October 2014 One Comment

I woke in the early hours of this morning with a burden to write about the gospel, what it is and isn’t.

So I set to work praying what is the gospelover and editing the chapter of my book on this subject.

Please click here to view this new, revised, and updated chapter.

If you spot typos, please let me know. Thanks so much.

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  • Brett Whiteley says:

    On the first page you talk of two groups who dont understand or are misinformed about the gospel – you wrote “this group are unwittingly…..” personally I would say “this group is unwittingly” because you are talking about one group, not two.

    Toward the bottom of page 99 you write “here is my question-have the people in the village” personally I would have a gap before and after the dash so it would be “here is my question – have the people in the village”.

    sorry Julian havent the time to look deeper at it at the momment – really enjoyed reading it though.

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