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Testimony From America

17 July 2012 No Comment

Hi Julian,

Your ministry has been such an inspiration to Kristi and myself.

Kristi and I were asked to speak at a Church in Charleston, North Carolina. The church was hosting an event called Festival of Joy.

Kristi and I were the last speakers before dinner on Sunday, the final day of the Festival.

We have been asked to show two videos. One was a video our our testimonies. The other was a video of the gospel which you can see at

They were running very behind and the organisers asked us to shorten our presentation.

Kristi and I prayed right before speaking that God would do what he wanted to do with the time that we had.

When we finished talking there was not time to play our testimony video and the Biblein11 so we were asked just to play the last 5 minutes of our video. When we finished the gentleman in charge of the Festival said he felt the Holy Spirit moving and that we needed to play the Bible in11 Video and the crowd agreed.

He checked with the festival host to find out what time we needed to be completely done for dinner. He looked at his watch and said, “it is 11 minutes to 6 and we need to be done by 6″.
We were astounded because the biblein11 gospel video takes exactly 11 minutes!! Someone else in the crowd said out loud, “Yes you are right. It is 11 minutes til 6″.  This confirmed with the crowd that the video needed to be played.

When Biblein11 finished the crowd began clapping loudly and it was so beautiful.

We were dismissed right at that moment so Kristi and I were not able to have an altar call (we did have one planned and we were so disappointed we couldn’t).

Afterwards we had people lined up to find out how to direct people to your video so they could share it with others.

The Holy Spirit was so present and it was amazing!

We did get to share how the Lord is leading us to give out the Biblein11 cards – especially the ones that Kristi is putting out in the University of  Alabama in Birmingham hospital.

 Blessings, Nena
P.S Ideally, we should have had the follow up booklet HOW TO BE SURE OF GOING TO HEAVEN WHEN WE DIE to give out to everyone who saw the video.  In this way,  people would have been able to follow up themselves on the gospel presentation they had  just seen i.e. they could have read about what they’d just seen.
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