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  • Grant Buchanan says:

    ‘The best book I have ever read’

    I am a solicitor (54) and a partner in a law practice. I unhesitatingly give my endorsement for Julian’s book. Indeed, I would rate it as the best book that I have ever read!

    Grant Buchanan LLB, B.Com, Auckland

  • David Balchin says:

    ‘You won’t find more empowering and life-changing teaching on evangelism in New Zealand’

    I find it difficult to express in words how valuable Julian’s teaching on evangelism is.

    His book incisively identifies how Satan has managed to thwart in a diabolically intelligent way, the Great Commission Jesus gave us to preach the gospel to all people.

    “The DVD series which accompanies the book, and distills and presents its message in the most electrifying way, has turned our church around in its understanding and practice of evangelism.

    I am stoked with Evangelism: Strategies from Heaven in the War for Souls and am certain that you won’t find more empowering and life-changing teaching on evangelism in New Zealand.

    David Balchin, Minister, St James Presbyterian Church, Waihi

  • Pastor Mike Smith says:

    ‘An incredible book that all pastors should read’

    I have been a Christian for 28 years and a pastor for many years, and when I picked up this book, I thought, ‘I doubt this will teach me anything new about evangelism’.

    I was so wrong. It has revolutionised my thinking. This is an incredible book that all pastors should read.

    Pastor Mike Smith, Melbourne, Australia

  • Ainslie Vines says:

    ‘The best book I have ever read on the subject of the Great Commission’

    Julian, your book is such a clear and practical tool for evangelism, dispelling the urban myths and legends and clearly replacing them with the FULL TRUTH, thoroughly backed by God’s uncompromising Word.

    It is easy to read and once started, can be hard to put down – ‘just a little more, just a little more’ – until it is way into the night (or early morning).

    Evangelism: Strategies from Heaven in the War for Souls would have to be the best book I have ever read on the subject of the Great Commission.

    Ainslie Vines, medical secretary, Sydney

  • Alf Hayward says:

    ‘God opened my heart to the state of the lost’

    “I am now 65 and an ex alcoholic. You need to know I left school at 14, and have never been a reader but this book really grabbed (and kept) my interest – and it’s 700 pages!

    Once I got into it, I found it hard to put down! You don’t have to be a whiz kid to read it. I have only been a Christian for 4 years but I believe that it should be compulsory reading for everyone. It has absolutely everything in it!

    The main thing God did for me as I read it? He opened my heart to the tragic state of the lost, and He gave me a great urgency to reach them. He gave me a revelation of the need to go out and speak to them about Jesus!

    Because in the end – and this really hit me as I read the book – it’s either heaven or hell for all of us, and there is no where else. I know this book is going to be an inspiration to many around the world! You simply must read it.”

    Alf Hayward
    Alexandra Salvation Army Church, New Zealand

    To read Alf’s testimony, unabridged, click here!

  • Eleanor says:

    A great reference book to have beside you!

    I have been a Christian all my life, and am a seasoned evangelist, wife, mother, and grandmother. I have just read all the comments made about your book Julian, which I too have read. I heartily agree it is a must read and not just the once! I have found it to be a great reference book to have beside you. May the lord continue to use your evangelism resources mightily for His glory!

    Eleanor Goodall, Hamilton, New Zealand

  • Colin says:

    A must read for any pastor wanting to impact their city!

    A very comprehensive text for any Pastor wanting to impact their city. It contains a huge amount of content and acts as a thorough reference.
    Thanks for the hard work and effort Julian.

    Pastor Colin Henderson,Wellington, New Zealand

  • Calvyn says:

    Scripturally accurate and well put together!

    Hi Julian

    Confession first – when you first spoke to me on the phone about your EVANGELISM DISCIPLESHIP DVD course I was, to be honest, a touch sceptical because we have seen so many different evangelism courses and video material – but none either 1) well put together 2) Scripturally accurate.

    HOWEVER – we have just evaluated your material and it is EXCELLENT!! You have done a very thorough job of first breaking down the misconceptions and then building an excellent foundation, from Scripture, for Evangelism and why we should all be involved! I like the way you finish with the practical, teaching us how to evangelise with love and grace.

    Thanks again for ALL your work to bless us with this excellent resource!

    Calvyn Jonker
    Wanganui East Baptist Church

  • Phil and Janet Jeffries says:

    Revelation! These resources have inspired us to stop playing around and GO!

    Hi Julian
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book! I must say it was a challenge to my thinking. I have been encouraging others in our church to read it also. I feel it blew the lid on exactly what Evangelism is and kicked over a few “sacred cows” on the way!

    Our church has begun to do your DVD series and as a result of watching only the first two, we all feel greatly inspired to stop playing around and to “Go”! The content held our attention and has stimulated lots of healthy discussion!

    It has lifted our boldness level and we look for daily opportunities to share THE gospel now.
    Thanks for sharing this revelation with us!


    Janet Jeffries
    Harvest Community Church
    (03) 7328908

  • Dr Melvyn Bowen says:

    Here are all the tools any church could possibly need to equip themselves for evangelism!

    “In all my 30 years as a Christian, I have not come across such a comprehensive book on evangelism as this one (”Evangelism -Strategies from Heaven in the war for Souls” by Julian Batchelor). Its 21 chapters and 9 appendices are replete with information concerning the fulfilment of the Great Commission. This book not only emphasises the need for all Christians to evangelise, but provides a progressive and comprehensive strategy on how to go about this most important task. When studied and read in conjunction with the ‘Evangelism Discipleship DVD series for small groups’ (together with the “Discipleship Study-Guide”), every local church will find here all the tools they could possibly need. I highly commend this book and these resources to all pastors and church-leaders.”

    Dr Melvyn Bowen
    Wycliffe Bible Translators NZ

  • Louise Keppler says:

    A life changing book!

    “I just finished reading Julian’s book. It’s absolutely life changing!”
    Louise Keppler, Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Jon Barrow says:


    “This is the best book I have ever read on Evangelism. It will enable you to stand face to face with our enemy, secure in the knowledge, ‘that if God is for us who can be against us’.

    God has poured out His revelation to Julian in this book to reveal satan’s plans to thwart the spread of the Gospel. The book will enable you to achieve what Jesus said in Mark 16:15 “Go into all the World and preach the Good News to all creation”.

    It is an essential read for any committed Christian wanting to get out there and Evangelise the World.”

    Jon Barrow- Evangelist.
    Charleston, South Carolina USA.

  • Edrick Corban Banks says:


    I am at present Vicar of St Barnabas Anglican Church in Nelson. St Barnabas is a charismatic, evangelical Anglican church. It is today the fastest growing and largest Anglican church in Nelson. My wife Clare and our six children, arrived in Nelson 7 years ago having finished 5 years missionary service in Spain.

    I have known Julian for the last 7 years. He has preached and taught at St Barnabas on 3 occasions, over the last seven years. His first visit early in my ministry here was a significant event, in that he preached at the 8.30 traditional congregation,( in fact he preached at all services using the evangelism material he has produced.) At that stage St Barnabs was a religious bound, dyed in the wool traditional Anglican church over all three congregations. Its not now!

    At the altar call (and this was unheaerd of) at the most traditional service 30 of the 35 present came forward either to renew their commitment or to receive Jesus into their lives. I underline again this was a significant event in the life of St Barnabas.

    I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Julian as both an evangelist/preacher and a highly skilled communicator/teacher. The material and training he has produced and the book he has written is the most challenging and exciting material I have ever come across on the subject of evangelism. We use his Evangelism training programme for our people at St Barnabas with great effect.

    In His love and His service

    Yours at the same table


  • Neville says:


    I started reading books on soulwinning over 45 yrs ago. I think Julian’s book has the best info on Evangelism I have ever read. I read a chapter a day and found it was a great read for those sharing the gospel. I use flip charts to do this.
    ALL CHRISTIANS should know how to share the gospel and really there is no excuse not to. There is a lot of help for soulwinners today and for those who want to let Jesus make them fishers of men. My two favourite scriptures are:
    Acts 1: 8 But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.
    Romans 1: 16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.
    Neville Christensen
    Ex Sheep Farmer of 37 years
    Now living inTokoroa,
    New Zealand

  • David Becker says:

    A textbook classic on Evangelism. I haven’t read better!

    Julian’s book on evangelism is really great. Here in one volume is clearly set out what the Scriptures teach about evangelism, and how to get started really reaching everyone with the gospel of Christ.

    Reading each chapter carefully over an average of 3 days, the biblical truths were deposited deeply within my soul and spirit. If only I had read this 30 years ago!

    The Videos that came with the book are a wonderful resource for Parish home groups and Parish worship,- Julian’s teaching is a real blessing.

    The days of playing spiritual tiddlywinks are over – the gospel presented in a clear and unambiguous way that all can understand and latch on to is sorely needed. Julians book and videos fulfill this need.

    I’ve been so blessed reading and viewing this treasured material – it is a “must have” and a “must use” resource for every Parish. I personally commend it.

    David Becker
    Retired Presbyterian Minister of 30 plus years
    Te Awamutu
    New Zealand

  • Matt says:


    Greetings from the USA! I’ve been meaning to write you for a while, as the ESI teaching has become an ever-increasing blessing in my life.

    From the very first day we met, simply by your encouragement, evangelism has taken on a new flavor for me. But as I’ve been equipped through your teachings, it truly has exploded in my life! By that, I don’t mean that I’ve seen a whole bunch of converts. I am still eagerly awaiting the first one. What it does mean, though, is that I am now consistently preaching the true gospel. Praise GOD! It’s only taken 5 years, right?! It’s funny to me because God had to bring a guy all the way from New Zealand to teach me how to proclaim the gospel – what a trip!

    I’ve been telling my story almost daily for 5 years, but until now, I just never knew how to bring it home. I would get all the way through to the end and people would say, ‘wow…that’s amazing!’ Then they’d walk away. Frustrating! Now I am understanding how to use my testimony, not as the central message, but as the platform. My story opens up the door to talking about the supernatural work of God, quickly ploughing the heart-soil of my audience. Then I use that opening to move in and plant the ever-powerful gospel seed. God’s Holiness, man’s sin, Jesus’ salvation, and the cost of following Him. Then rather than trying to coerce my listeners, I have complete peace (and joy) knowing that the work has been done – and I praise God regardless of whether I see fruit immediately or not. So simple!

    As you can see, your teaching has changed my life and released me into real evangelism. I truly am thankful for your hard work and diligent study. In fact, I like it so much that I now have two ways of evangelizing. First, for the non-Christian, I preach the gospel.
    Second, for the Christian, I preach evangelism. Ha! Maybe God will make an evangelist out of me after all!

    I am praying for you and for this teaching to spread. Keep up the good work and may God bless us with a harvest of souls like we’ve never before seen, that sower and reaper could truly rejoice together!!!

    In the mighty name of Christ Jesus, our LORD,


  • Julie and Lachlan Marshall says:


    Not having used these resources before, we decided to trial them with a group of seasoned, mature Christians. To our delight, they found the studies to be absolutely fantastic. The teaching in the DVD’s is challenging, exciting and enjoyable. Some of the DVD sessions have stimulated some amazing conversations and discussions! The group who went through the studies was lead by our Corps Sergeant Major. He reported back to us by saying ‘these studies made me think about my previous ideas of what evangelism was. This is a great tool which has bought clarity and critical understanding about evangelism, the gospel, and the true mission of the Church into our Corps.’ Another member of the group who went through the studies said he felt like God had worked through them to give him tools to speak and share his faith with people. He has used what he has learned a couple of times now when he has picked up hitch hikers and shared the gospel. These resources are empowering people in our Corps to actually do evangelism. As the Corps Officer, I consider these resources to be a another great tool in our tool box to truly disciple our people. They have helped us to grow as disciples of Jesus which is a goal for our Corps.As a result of what we saw happening in the first group, we started using the resources with a second group. They have also reported back to us that through the teaching God has challenging the group, with great discussion being generated! So we are seeing a consistent response. We want to move this resource through our small groups. From what we have already seen, they are invaluable. If you’d like to know more, please contact either Julie or myself. We’d be happy to talk.

    Lachland and Julie Marshall
    Salvation Army

    03 5780862

  • Peter Dunn says:

    Success at last with a new Evangelism resource for churches!

    I have been minister in the Waipu Parish for just over 20 years. It is rural and typical NZ – you know, hard going. In this time we have grown a little,
    stagnated a little, grown a little and survived a lot. We have just on 80 members with about 120 coming to church regularly, but seldom all at once. In 2009, out of my own spiritual jouney from preaching through the Book of Revelation, I became aware of the difference between the Christ who is central to that book and our experience. I was taken captive by the images of the Church. I was gripped by the gospel line that wove through the visions. I said to myself and my leaders that if we were honest we weren’t doing too well as a church. My observation is that for all our activities there wasn’t the growth that we all hoped for. By ‘growth’ I mean there were not a lot of people putting their hands up to lead and participate in outreach. People were and still are tired and slogging on. By growth I also mean we were only seeing one or two new conversions a year. This is OK, but it’s not that many.

    In talking to my elders I went searching for something on evangelism. I found a course that is well known and made enquiries. I brought it back to the elders and they weren’t enthusiastic at all. I kept my radar on though. Early in 2010 this guy called Julian Batchelor from Evangelism Strategies International (ESI), a New Zealand based ministry, phoned me out of the blue and invited himself to my home – and he talked about evangelism. He left his “starter pack” (an Evangelism Discipleship course for small groups with DVDs, workbooks, study guides etc) which stayed in its box for a few weeks in my study. Then one day I shifted a pile of papers and found it, and the journey began. I read the preface in Julian’s book Evangelism: Strategies from Heaven in the War for Souls and it rang bells and blew whistles in my mind. After 20 years in one church you get to feel intuitively via the Spirit what is truly “in the paddock” and what is not. When I “found” Julian’s book in my study I was actually working on my preaching and service roster for the next three months. I usually preach through a book of the Bible and sometimes do a short series. This time I just left that space empty and decided to preach open endedly on the gospel as I began to search for its meaning and relevance again.

    My discoveries? The gospel, as Jesus uses this phrase in Mark 16:15, is a carefully crafted verbal message (personal, video, written etc) on what Jesus taught about personal salvation. Before embarking on this evangelism course, maybe two people in our church shared the gospel with any regularity – and I wasn’t one of them. The rest did not know how if their life depended on it, let alone someone else’s life. Before doing this course, everyone, including myself, when presented with a God given opportunity to share the gospel admitted to the big choke – fear, no words to say, shame at what Jesus actually taught. A big admission for a little church! I have learnt that outreach without the gospel presentation somewhere in the mix is not mission. I learnt Romans 1:16 and have dreams about it.

    I feel like I have only just begun this journey with this evangelism series and we have been going three months. I have a group of “early adopters” who answered the challenge to learn the gospel using the resources ESI provided. My guinea pig group of 10 people has un-learn as much as they have learnt. Going from a cold start they are now sharing the gospel after about eight weeks with some amazing stories. I am sharing the gospel most weeks as naturally as asking if I can pray with someone. I have some amazing stories of success, failure and don’t know what happened, some of which I share on Sunday as I journey. I am beginning to see a cultural shift in this first group and as I follow the course in my preaching plan, there are first indications of a DNA shift beginning to happen in the rest of the church. A large proportion are indicating that they too now want to be discipled (apprenticed) in evangelism, so another course will be beginning soon. After a few short months using these resources, I ask this question: is the power of God at work saving all those who believe? Want a straight answer? Yes.

    A reflection or two? After 20 years in this church I have learnt the highs and lows of course hopping with little to show – although one or two have been good for us. These ESI resources are not “a course.” The Holy Spirit is working through them to create a DNA change. There is a change of culture happening. Rushing it through in six weeks will not cut it. What I preach on Sunday’s complements the evangelism teaching on the ESI DVDs. So, I am not preaching a series with a limited number of messages. I am preaching until the culture of evangelism has been established and the DNA changed.

    I would urge you when you start the course to not take short cuts or be ashamed of the gospel. And just in case you are wondering, I am not teaching ‘a method’ using the ESI material. The resources don’t promote ‘a method.’ They simply teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel takes care of itself and church people change very quickly when the Holy Spirit is doing the changing. We are seeing this happen.

    One last thing. The group I am piloting the ESI resources with last week commented that now they have learnt to present the gospel, and understood what evangelism is and isn’t, and what the gospel is and isn’t, there are opportunities everywhere to share it naturally and without fear. Through the teaching, the Holy Spirit is opening people’s eyes to the reality of a field which is white for harvest! (John 4:35). I recommend these evangelism resources too you highly. You can visit the ESI web site at http://www.esisite.com for more information.

    Rev Peter Dunn
    Waipu Presbyterian Church
    50 The Centre, Waipu 0510
    (09) 4320534
    021 2550604

  • admin says:

    Hi Bob…nice to hear from you. You can access this resource for free by going into http://www.esisite.com/resources. What are you doing in the Philppines Bob?

  • David Cole, YWAM Campaigns Asia/Pacific Board of Regents Chairman University of the Nations says:

    “This book is the most in depth look at what Evangelism really is (and what it isn’t) that I believe has been written in the 21st Century.
    I have been so inspired in my own calling through its content and often use it as a text book for teaching and imparting to young leaders in YWAM training courses as well as throughout other parts of the Body of Christ.
    Thank you Julian not only for such a valuable resource as well as for modeling the outworking of its content in your own life over the past few decades.”

  • Barrie Peez says:

    I read Julian’s book “Evangelism” and I couldn’t put it down until finished.
    God, through the power of His Holy Spirit, has used Julian to write simply, reducing the Gospel into essentially its most basic form, with great power and clarity of thought and logic.
    All who have read this book will be challenged to be obedient to the Great Commission to spread the Gospel.
    I have been.
    Thanks Julian,

    Barrie Peez, Presbyterian elder, New Zealand

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