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Terminally Ill Father Comes To Christ

7 September 2014 No Comment

Hi everyone,

A friend and supporter of our ministry (Kev) sent the email below to me today, and I want to share it with you so that you can pray as well.

Kevin manages a very large dairy farm operation and has a large staff.


Dear Julian,

The father of one of my workers (Matt) is terminally ill with cancer and he came to me stressed out during the week.

I talked with him for probably an hour and found he had attended a youth group as a teenager so I shared the bible in 11 video with himHow to be sure of going to heaven when we die blue cover in 3d and gave him one of your little booklets called “How to be sure of going to heaven when you die.”

I prayed for him and he tells me he shared that with his Dad and his Dad gave his heart to the Lord.

The Dad then slept all night ( sometimes he doesn’t sleep at all ) and he had a peace about him.

Matt said his whole conversation changed after he had given his life to the Lord.

Matt was still a bit stressed in himself, even since his Dad’s conversion.

When I spoke to him on Friday I told him to give it to the lord and to pray that his Dad has an encounter with God in his dreams to reinforce his faith commitment.

Please keep Matt and his Dad in your prayers and I will keep you informed.



Let’s pray together about this.

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