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Te Puke Presbyterian Minister Goes From Strength to Strength!

24 November 2011 No Comment
Hi, my name is Iain Dickson. I am the minister at Te Puke Presbyterian Church.

I thought I would write to you about the encounter we had yesterday – I’m still buzzing.

I am now starting to train other people in my church how to do evangelism.  Paul taught Timothy, so I need to follow that example.

Three of us were out and about sharing the gospel to six households in Te Puke yesterday. 

I was teaching two Christian ladies how to give the gospel by using the survey. Both were very apprehensive about knocking on doors and said they would only listen. So I had one of them praying in the car, while I took the other with me (three can be a crowd).

Our first encounter was with a Jehovah Witness, but found we had to part with differing positions.

However, door number 6 was the most memorable. 

A Maori lady in her early twenties, who had a couple of preschoolers at her feet, answered. I found out that her family had recently moved in six months ago; it was a Habitat for Humanity house. I said, “Hello, I’m Iain from the Te Puke Presbyterian Church. We are doing a brief survey in the community to find out if we are still being relevant to those who might need us. Can I ask you a few questions to see what you think? She said yes.

When we got to question 6 asking if she believed in God, her response was positive.

She said, “just look around you, have been something to create the world we live in”. I then asked my Christian friend, the one who wanted to just listen, to go through the ‘Good Person Test’ with her (She had used this evangelism tool many times before and had it in her handbag).

At the end of the test, I then asked if there was any reason stopping her from accepting Jesus as her Lord and Saviour from sin.

She said no there wasn’t, and invited us to come inside. We then knelt down on the lounge floor, and I asked her to repeat after me, and then proceeded to take her through the sinners prayer. We then prayed for an infilling of the Holy Spirit. 

My Christian friend had a word of knowledge that concerned her childhood and she burst into tears asking , “how did you know? ” We then prayed for healing for the emotional trauma, and then arranged a time to meet again to disciple her in her new found faith .

Later on that afternoon my friend accidently met her as she came out of the bank in town.

She was beaming all over, thanking my friend for taking the time to share to her about Jesus and what he did for her – how incredibly exciting.

Wouldn’t it be great if all our congregational members were having encounters like this? How did this happen for me? It all started when I attended a  ‘Getting Back to the DNA of Jesus conference’. They are life changing. If you can get to one, I believe the Holy Spirit will do a work in you too! Just step out in faith and believe. Just visit to see where one is happening near you! Go for it!

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