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Take the test! What explanation would you give?

26 September 2011 5 Comments

Today as usual I went out about 5pm to look for someone to ‘love with the gospel.’

I wandered into Burger King and in front of me was an Indian man in his early 50′s sitting alone eating. As I approached him, I got eye contact from a distance, smiled, and walked closer and closer towards him.  When I engaged, I asked him the usual question: ‘Let me ask you a question. What’s possibly the oldest book in the world?’

The Bible, he replied.

Do you know how old it is, I said.

He didn’t know.

It’s about 4 thousands years old. We just make a video which summarises the whole book in just 11 minutes. Here, take a look. Just don’t steal my iphone (smiling). He starting watching the video immediately.

Now this is where it got interesting.

After a minute or so, he stopped the video, and asked me ‘How did you know i was a Christian?

I said I didn’t.

He continued to watch the video.  Halfway through, I stopped it and asked him the usual questions about lying, thieving and murdering.

Then he watched the rest of the video.

At the end I asked him ‘if you died tonight, where would you go?’ 

‘Straight to hell’ he said.

I led him to Christ, there and there.

What’s interesting is that after further discussion and questioning, he revealed he’d been to the recent Greg Laurie Crusade in Auckland, and gone to the front of that crusade, said ‘the prayer’, and was at that point told he was a Christian.

So how does one account for his clear and full confession of ‘non -conversion’ at Burger King only a few months later?

I have my own explanations, but I’d like to hear yours.  Just don’t bag Greg Laurie in your answers. I think he clearly preaches the full gospel with power under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  I look forward to hearing from you…..

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  • Bruce McIntyre says:

    I don’t believe we can say the GOSPEL wasn’t preached through Greg Laurie, but hearing the GOSPEL and responding to itis just the beginning.
    Discipleship is the next step. So the question needs to be asked, was there any contact made with the gent to take him through the steps of salvation, discipleing and baptism.
    All of these steps are esential in the new Christians growth.
    I am not sure, but maybe it is a hard thing to arrange all these things in a large campaign such as that held in Auckland at that time, but at the same time, if the Churchs are all united in the effort to see people brought to CHRIST, then it must be regarded as possible, since it was achievable in the early Church.
    But if the Churchs are divided and seeking to build thier own assembly then there will certainly be those who will fall through the cracks.

  • Bruce McIntyre says:

    On November this year a group of us would have been regularly going down to the corner of Tokoroa shopping centre and singing , preaching and sharing the GOSPEL.
    Two or three of us wil sing preach the WORD and give a testimony, while Neville and a couple of others will hand out tracts booklets and take people through the message of salvation using both the flip chart and the BIBLE IN 11 video.
    On Sunday one of the elders of St Marks Church revealed through the CLC Chritian book bus that Tokoroa has the highest number of BIBLE sales in New Zealand.
    They put this down to the message regularly given by the out reach that has been done.
    I put it down to the fact that we have been faithfully ploughing, sewing and watering and GOD is providing increase.
    Brian Haggar, Pastor of the Elim Christian Centre, is slowly but surely laying a foundation for more work with Julians Evangelism tools which will lay a firm foundation for those that come to CHRIST in the near future as GOD causes those that HE has called and chosen to come to faith.
    I am now looking at progressing from not just Saturday morning street work, but more personal reaching out to the community.
    All this has begun through the Changing the DNA of the Church to Evangelise.

  • admin says:

    I always enjoy your perspective on things Bruce…bless you my friend….Julian

  • Igor says:

    Well if we are talking about lost kids that don’t have godly patrnes… as a missionary (now SAHM and wife to a missionary) with Child Evangelism Fellowship I must say you (the church) must go to the kids. It’s not good enough to teach sunday school classes of kids “About” Jesus. You MUST share the Gospel with them! Most of our churches teach Bible stories to children… which obviously I have no issues with… but I bet the reason these kids end up leaving is because they never became Christians! As someone who taught kids sunday school for a long time I can tell you most of the curriculum DOES NOT share the gospel… or it does once every 5 weeks or something like that. That isn’t good enough! You can’t expect kids to stay in church if they never accepted Christ as their personal Savior. For kids outside of the church? Go to where they are. Schools (yes you can do it, visit community centers, parks, wherever kids are and tell them why Jesus came.Kids should know Bible Stories but if they don’t know the Gospel then they can’t be saved and won’t stay in church.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    I agree…thanks for your comment.

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