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South America Opens Up!

22 September 2011 No Comment

Hi Everyone,

Last night I was sitting at my computer doing some work, and an email came in from someone in South America.

This is how it read:

Dear brother in Christ Julian,
It’s good to communicate with you. My purpose is to contact your ministry and see if it can bless Argentina.
We have an evangelistic ministry in the street and we feed over 90 families. We are helping them with everuthing that we can and preaching God’s word. I m looking for hearing from you soon.
God bless you.
With love in Christ,
Pastor Juan Ovando

He sent lots of photos of he and his team feeding the poor on the streets. I wrote back to him:

“Dear Pastor Juan

I would love to help you.
Please can you read the attached and let me know your thoughts.
With love in Christ
The attachment was how to run a DNA conference.
He wrote back:
“Dear brother Julian.
I have read everything I sent and we are a church that has three campuses in different places.
One question.
You have materials in Spanish or need to translate?  It would be very good if you could come to teach the church about evangelism.
If you can send promotional material in Spanish that would be good. We would be praying. Can you come next year, 2012?
As a church we have no resources and if we are interested to learn from your ministry about evangelism.
This letter is being written with the help of google translator.

With love in Christ,
Pastor Juan Ovando

“Mmmm….Spanish….that’s sounds like it’s in the too hard basket” I mused. Then the Holy Spirit quickened to me the memory of an Anglican Vicar who is on fire for God and fluent in Spanish.  He has translated a lot of material of Alpha into Spanish, so I sent him an email, just like I am sending you.  His reply came back within a few hours:

“Hi Julian

You wouldn’t believe how timely this e-mail is. It’s God’s perfect timing! Its a long
story, but I just said to the Lord last night my hearts desire is to work with
Spanish speaking nationals.

So, the short answer is yes,  I would love to help with translating all your materials into Spanish.  I still have the Spanish material translated for the presentation booklet you first did – the little Black Book.   Alpha resources are also available in Spanish.

If you are serious we would be  be able to tie in to Chile, Paraguay and Venezuela,Ecuador. I have contacts in Rio.  I have contacts in these countries  ( Paraguay although landlocked its difficult to get to).

Let me know if you are keen. I am ready to go.


Please pray with me as I discern whether this is truly a ‘God moment’ and a Holy Spirit inspired initiative, or a distraction.

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