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South African Pastors in NZ – Are They Spies?

12 November 2011 No Comment

Hi everyone,

Just because South Africa didn’t win the rugby world cup does not mean God is not at work in their country. In fact, quite the contrary. God has exported some of their finest church leaders to New Zealand.

Whether they are spies planted here by the South African Rugby Union we don’t really know.

Suspicions were raised when Henry and the coaching staff were approached by SA pastors residing in NZ, offering to pray for the All Blacks in their dressing rooms prior to test matches.

Once in the All Black dressing room, the word is that these pastors were planning to secretly record last minute coaching tips with devices hidden under their ecclesiastical garb, relaying them to the South African dressing room under the guise of ‘prayers’.

Apparently, the SA union allows clergy to enter the South African team dressing room prior to games to pray for the team’s victory.

According to a leaked memo from the NZRU,  Piri Weepu was asked by Graham Henry and Steve Hansen to tap into the phone calls made by these South African pastors residing in NZ, to verify the strategy, but he gave up on the first attempt because he couldn’t understand Africaans.

(the picture on the right shows Piri at the end of his one and only phone tapping session).

Asked by Henry what he found out, Piri replied ‘Na bro…I think they were talking in a secret code. It wasn’t like we talk bro. Every now and then I would hear familiar names like ‘Richie McCaw’ or ‘Henry’ but all the words around those names were coded. Like another language. They are too smart for us bro!’

Secret documents and photos sourced from the NZRU reveal that two years ago the entire All Black coaching staff were planning to enter South Africa as pastors, copying the strategy of the South African Rugby Union.

The scheme was called off last minute due to technical difficulties with recording devices (the temperature under the cloaks became extreme the nearer the date to the cup kick off in 2011), but not before each coach had been fitted out. The picture at right shows Henry testing the recording and transmission devices.  He is on the field picking up a test signal in his implanted ear piece from a dressing room under the stands where Steve Hansen is located.

Spies or not, I have met some of these South African pastors this year, and they are  leading thriving churches in New Zealand.  God is really blessing their work here in our country and the kiwis sitting up their ministries are flourishing.

And what’s more, a couple of them have come to the DNA change conferences and this is what they had to say.

The first couple are Cobus and Anita Van Rooyen who are leading Katikati Community Baptist Church in the Bay of Plenty.









Please click here to hear their endorsement.

Then more recently, I met another fantastic pastor who is built very much like one of the stars of the South African’s team back line, and even looks like one of them. This only fueled the spy rumour. His name is Kobus Storm, from Hamilton.

To listen to Kobus’s endorsement, please click here.

Let’s put to rest any of these vicious rumours that these South African pastors are spies. I reckon it’s a lie from the enemy. Anyway, if it was for real, it didn’t work. Look what happened.  They fell over at the semis. If they are spies, Scripture proved itself to be true again ‘God works all things for good’ (Romans 8:28). We won the cup in spite of the evil schemes of the SARU.

Thankfully, these awesome spies pastors are hear to stay.

Seriously, South Africa’s loss is our gain (no play on words intended). Praise God that the Lord has sent these leaders to our shores. They are awesome! I see them bringing a strong and fresh prophetic edge to what God is already doing in our nation. They are a gift from God.




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