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Six People Come To Church In One Week Of Evangelising!

8 July 2012 2 Comments

Wow! What a rich week this has been.

On Tuesday, I was in someone’s home and I invited them to watch the video.  At the end the came to Christ.

On Thursday, two teenagers heard the gospel in McDonald’s.

They were so impacted, they sent me a text last night asking if I could pick up 9 people from a certain address to take them to church!

When we got to the house this morning, only 6 were there.

There was an incredible message at church,  great programs for the children, and my six new friends were made to feel welcome by everyone and everything went well.

Wow! What a wild week.

It’s not always like this.

Most often I give the gospel and the people who listen want time to process what they’ve heard. I have no problem with this but it’s really nice when people come to Christ and come to Church!

By the way, I also gave the gospel to someone yesterday who’d been in church 19 years and at the end of the gospel video I asked them the question “If you died tonight, where would you go?”

“Hell” was the reply.  She was shocked. 19 years in a church and never once heard the gospel.

See, don’t every presume that just because someone goes to church they are a Christian.

And don’t presume every church is proclaiming the gospel.

The truth is very few are.

Experience shows to presume these things are happening is a great mistake.

In fact, I have written an article about how pseudo Christians in churches can put the handbrake on the evangelisation of the world. Please click here to read the article.

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  • Bruce McIntyre says:

    My wife anf I together with Poul Andersen, Pastor of the Co=operating Parish in Waipawa, Hawkes Bay, went on the three day outreach mission in Picton and Blenheim over the weekend.
    We sang our way across Cook Straight, both ways, which gave us free passage.
    So this could be a hint for you Christian Musos’
    We arrived in Picton at 11-30 and Win and I went to the Choice Supermarket to get permission to sing Gospel Country songs, no preaching here. The view I had of people as they came out of the shopwas one of bemusement and a look that gave the impression that htis is something that is seldom seen if at all, and it was greatly received. We don’t sing for money but to Glorify the name of JESUS and to lift HIS name. HE said that “IF MY NAME IS LIFTED UP I WILL DRAW ALL MEN UBTI ME”.
    We went to Blenheim on the Monday and sang on street corners through out the town and this is the really exciting part, after not having a lot of reaction Win and I were just sitting outside the West Pack Bank, who had previously said that we can’t sing outside their premises, waiting for Poul to return and I notices an elderly lady on a mobility scooter, on the back of the scooter she ahd a NZ flag. I said to her that she must be a patriotic kiwi,which I don’t think she understood, but she came and had a talk.
    This lady didn’t know us from a bar of soap, but suddenly she tells us that she was born again this morning at her home. She had been thinking she should talk to GOD and get her sins cleared up, which she did that morning and had spent a good part of the rest of the day telling others she was born again.
    This ladies countenance was GLOWING.
    I gave her my card as an evangelist with the Church afilliation I operate under, which is St Marks in Tokoroa. I would suggest here that if you are an evangelist make up a card with your Church affiliation on it, this geves creedance to you position and shows you don’t operate alone and are resposible not only to GOD but HIS chosen established order here on earth.
    Her hand went up to her mouth in amazement
    When Poul arrived back I told him what happened and we prayed for here after which she said she would like to be baptised right away.
    Poul said we could arrange this if she would like us to, so she agreed and would provide the water for sprinking at her home. But Poul rightly said we belive that baptism is full immersion, to which she said she would need her swim suit. This lady was really keen to go the full way.
    After some thought we decides that the best thing for her would be to contact the Church we had ministered to on Sunday to arrange a time for the Pastor there to contact her and have a time set aside to explain what baptism is and means .
    It is extremely important for the new believer to have a place where they can be nurtured and encouraged and it is up to us evangelists to lead then to these places that can provide this source of provision.
    This is why it is imperatvie for us to go into towns anywhere with the support and the knowlede off Church’s in these areas.

    We can’t just roll up do our thing and buzz of leaving no support for these new born babes in CHRIST to fend for themselves. Once they are saved they become a target for vicious attacks from the enemy which can easily leave them horribly wounded.
    GOD arranged this meeting and it came to pass that we were there at the right time for HIS purpose for this dear lady of 78 years.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Wow Bruce..this is a truly amazing testimony. It’s not often we someone so late in life coming to Christ like this and so enthusiastic to be baptised. Bless you guys for your faithfulness and diligence.

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