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Seasoned Christian Confesses – Am I Really Saved?

31 October 2013 6 Comments


It all started when we chatted (at evangelism group) about Julian’s latest blog on “what does it mean to have a relationship with Jesus?” and it ended up with a discussion clare mooreabout “giving up everything.”

Just what does that mean to us as we sit in our middle class homes, on soft leather seats with the TV in one corner and a roaring log fire in the other.

The tea tray is on the coffee table from which we sipped out exotic teas. So let’s hear that again – “giving up everything to follow Jesus.”

Hmmm….just what am I prepared to give up – where am I prepared to go and what am I prepared to do to carry out this requirement of being a disciple.

Matt 16:24 and Luke 9:23 talk about picking up our cross daily and that we should give up all else.

Just how deep does this desire go?

Are we prepared to be like my friend Renee’s dad and be called “that strange religious nutter” merely because he stood up for his faith and was obedient to the call of Jesus on his life?

What have I given up?

Not very much it seems to me.

Even my evangelising has been less than inspiring over the last few months. I make many excuses, but what good are excuses when I stand before Jesus and my Father God.

How do I answer God’s question “What did you do with my Son?”

I need to be able to say I did “everything” I could to share Him with others.

Everything – it is a huge work. Just which part of everything am I holding back because I am petrified of the world thinking I am strange, odd, religious.

Where is my belief that Jesus is my Lord, my Kind and my Master?

All these titles require my obedience. That is scary – because I don’t believe I am living in the Lordship of Jesus the way it is demanded of me.

Things I wish Jesus had never saidI say demanded because it is not an option. Jesus makes it quite plain in Luke 16:26 “If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, the son of Man will be ashamed of him…”

I don’t want to hear that from Jesus who gave his life to save me. All he asks of us is to acknowledge him as Lord and to live in His Kingdom – not the Kingdom of the world.


pronoun \ˈev-rē-ˌthiŋ\

: every thing there is : all that exists

: all that is related to a particular subject

: all that is important


a : an act of demanding or asking especially with authority <a demand for obedience>

b : something claimed as due  - a list of demands

Hmmm….I have certainly got something to think about here. What about you?

How much do we have to ‘give up for Jesus’ to be saved?

Can someone give up nothing, and still be saved?

Have we taken the theology of Grace too far, and now we Christians have come to see that we can live almost anyway we want after we are saved?

Or is it that those who have a genuine faith are not even asking these questions because they know instinctively, and desire instinctively, to give up all to follow Jesus? And they are doing it? And their are very very few of these people, which is why Jesus said ‘the way is narrow…a few there are who find it’

Is the fact that I am trying to work out ‘how much do I have to give?’ a sign that maybe I am not saved?

What do you think?


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  • Sarah says:

    ..very thought provoking!

    I am close to a couple who indeed give up ‘everything’ in a way – they have a passion to see underpriveledged children in Haiti .. they moved out of a rental house into a caravan (to save money) and sponsor children – through different schemes. They have even sponsored them through university! They actively live the talk – in times like ‘live beneath the line’ by Tear Fund…and will do all they can to be Jesus with skin on.

    Inspiring. Passionate. Life changing :)

  • George says:

    Gods love is unconditional but his blessings aren’t. When you step out in faith to serve and share the Gospel, that is when you feel His precedes.
    You don’t have to part with all your worldly goods but you can use them for God. A nice home a cup of tea a nice relaxed time to talk about Jesus.
    Deut 28 v1-14

  • Rev John says:

    what does it mean for a pastor or a teacher to give up everything to follow Jesus, that’s the question?????

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Hi Sarah, very inspiring indeed, but they still need to verbalise the gospel.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    A timely word George. Always appreciate your comments.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    It means giving up the right to self determination. It ought to be the norm to give up everything (literally) and only the exception not to.

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