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Richard Dawkins suspects religion ‘dying’ in NZ

10 October 2015 No Comment

This is a good read…and a bad one at the same time….

Here is the video interview.

Notice Dawkins says ‘religion’ (and by this he means the number of people attending church on Sunday or who claim to be Christians) is in rapid decline in the West.

He also says Christianity does not try and take over the world, but Islam does. Wow! That’s interesting to be perceived by outsiders in this way i.e. they are noticing that we are not into evangelism anymore, or the Great Commission.

He says Christianity has lost its teeth.  By this he means, I think, that we are, like a dog without teeth, completely harmless, and will not cause anyone any trouble!!!

My question is this – how much of what he says is true and right, and how much is rubbish?

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