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Ministry Update

23 May 2015 No Comment

Hi everyone,

I felt prompted to update you about Evangelism Strategies International.

As you know, our goal is to mobilise 100% of the people in every church to be active in evangelism.  We have never moved from this because we believe this is both entirely Biblical and entirely realistic.

Most evangelism ministries have abandoned the 98% who don’t do evangelism.  That is to say, the 98% have been written off by most evangelists and thrown into the ‘too hard’ basket.

Renee Tobin, our assistant leader in Waipukurau is doing an incredible job in my absence.  Personally, I think she is doing a much better job than I did!Renee Tobin

She has a particular way about her which church leaders (and the people in churches) absolutely love.  Maybe it’s because she brings the motherly, tender, nurturing touch to interactions with pastors and leaders? It’s just jaw dropping to see how God is using her.

So, what is Renee saying to pastors and leaders?

Through Renee, churches are taking on board what I have learnt after 30 years of experience.

And what have I learnt?

I have learnt that to mobilise the other 98% into evangelism, a church must pass through three distinct phases.

Phase 1: PREPARE the church for evangelism.

This involves teaching people about the 83 reasons why Christians don’t do evangelism. People won’t start in evangelism if they are not aware of what is stopping them starting. Awareness is the key to change.

Phase 2: EQUIP the people to do evangelism i.e. showing them how to do it.

There is little point in exhorting Christians to do evangelism if we don’t show them how to do it. All you end up doing is making them feel frustrated.

Phase 3: MAINTAIN momentum by implementing specific strategies.

It’s one thing to prepare a church for evangelism and to equip them to do it. It’s quite another to keep the momentum going. What’s the point of going to the effort of pulling off 1 and 2, if you can’t achieve 3? There is little point. How many times have you seen a seminar pass through your church which excites everyone, then three or four months later, you notice the excitement has faded and everything has returned tonormal? You know the answer.


Skip any of these 3 phases, and your plan to mobilise your church for evangelism will fizzle and die over time – guaranteed.

This is what Renee is saying to pastors in NZ and as I have said, God is using her in ways I could not even have imagined.

Truly, she is God’s woman of the moment in New Zealand.

Her immediate focus is pastors all over the Hawkes Bay and up into Gisborne. Recently she had 22 AOG pastors spell bound as she told them how they could mobilise all their people into evangelism, and the results she was getting with other churches.

While this is going on, my focus has been on our evangelism training centre in the Bay of Islands.  Inch by inch, we are getting there.  As you know, I am now selling Real Estate in Auckland which is helping to pay for development.

Most Real Estate agents will tell you, it takes 3-4 years to get established in their business. I have been going 7 months and have listed and sold 7 houses which my colleagues say is really good going for a new bee (If you know anyone who is think of selling a house in Auckland or Northland, please let me know. Even if the house is out of these two regions, and you let me know, I can get a referral fee, and your local agent can do the selling).

Funds from these sales have gone into the training centre or back into the ministry.

I am really enjoying the people contact and am able to share the gospel with most home owners and their buyers.  It’s actually been REALLY refreshing to be immersed in the non-Christian world again.   Mixing with Christians all the time is not good for the soul! :)

In the background, I continue to work on developing new resources for churches.  I am constantly sending the link to my book  (for free) to pastors and leaders from around the globe so they can mobilise their churches into evangelism.  You can do the same.  We’ll never mobilise the church for evangelism if we keep the ‘how to do it’ a secret!

Here is the link:

Financially, we are just breaking even.  I feel like we are constantly living on the edge but at the same time making progress, even if it is inch by inch.  This is faith in action!  The key proverb for me is Proverbs “Little by little, great gain is made”.

Eleanor Goodall, our treasurer in Hamilton, continues to do a fantastic job keeping the books and doing most of the administration for Oke Bay Lodge and the ministry.  Without Eleanor, the load would be too much.  She is such a valuable treasure! Eleanor Goodall

Please pray for us as we plough forward, hand in hand with Jesus, feeling his grip.

Thank you for your ongoing support with finances, friendship, and prayer. All three aspects are crucial, so please don’t stop any of them! :)



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