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Rejected Three Times..And Then The Breakthrough!

12 July 2011 2 Comments

Hi everyone, today I left my home at 4:30 to go an reach someone with the gospel. It was bitterly cold, the sun going down, and windy. I didn’t feel like doing this.

When I stepped out of my car, I noticed two guys in their 30′s drinking at a bar so approached them.

Hey guys, can I ask you a question?

They say nothing, only stare.

Again I ask ‘what’s the oldest book in the world?’

I felt awkward.

They didn’t know, so I told them.

It’s four thousand years old. We just made a video which summarises the whole thing in 11 minutes. Would you like to see it.

Both say ‘no thanks’.

I thank them for their time and move on feeling a little embarrassed.

As I am walking I say ‘Lord, strengthen me. I am doing your work.’

I decide to pray before the next one. This time I walk into a movie theatre. There is a couple in their late 40′s sitting on their own. I approach them, and ask the same question I asked the other two guys.

‘No thanks’ was the reply.

I gave them a card with the web address on it, thanked them for taking it, and walked off.

Outside the movie theatre I am met by an icy blast. Now it’s getting dark.

I spot two young people in their late teens hugging outside a shop.

They politely say ‘no thanks’ when I ask them the question.

Phew, this is tough.

Now I have been going for 35 minutes or more. I walk towards my car and am now feeling resolute.  As I am passing by Burger King I notice someone on their own inside.  There is hardly anyone in the restaurant.

I enter, approach, smile and ask the questions – what’s the oldest book? How old is it?

Then I explain about the 11 minute summary.

They are excited and want to know where they can see it!

I feel instantly relaxed and at ease, sit down with them, and we get started.

While they are watching, I go and get a burger.

When I return, they are nearly finished. At the end, Tim (let’s call them that) is so excited, he explains in a loud voice ‘Wow! That was awesome!’

I ask Tim the questions I ask everyone.

‘Now, can I ask you a couple of questions?’

‘Sure’ he said.

Have you ever told a lie?


Me too.

So what does this make us? Liars, right?


Have you ever taken anything that did not belong to you, even something small like a paper clip or a pen?


So what does that make you.  I thief. Same as me. Now you and I Tim, by our own confession, are a couple of thieving liars.

Have you ever hated someone in your life?


Well according to Jesus, that makes you a murderer, same as me. You see, He redefined murder by saying that if we hate someone in our heart, we have murdered them in our heart.  So now, we are thieving, lying murderers.  Do you honestly think that God is going to let thieving lying murderers like us into heaven? I don’t think so.

Tim, let me just run over the video again to make sure we have this clearly.  When you were born, God opened a book about your life. He does this with everyone. Every time we break one of his commands, he writes it down. Well, you can imagine as we get older, we have a whole library against us.  You know what, because heaven is a perfect place, and God is perfect, it’s impossible for him to let us in there after death IF WE HAVE JUST ONE THING WRITTEN IN OUR BOOK.  Mary, it’s impossible!  Now, here’s the good news.  Jesus is the only one with a perfect record.  When you admit your guilt, ask for forgiveness, and sincerely turn to Him with all your heart, this is what happens. He takes your book, rips out all the pages and throws them into the sea. He promises to forget what was on those old pages. He then takes a copy of his perfect record and puts it inside the cover of your book. That book is then stored in heaven. And here’s the miracle.  It’s not touched between the point of forgiveness and death.  Tim, just think about that for a moment…

Then when you die, you are going to come up before God at judgement and he will command the angels to get your book. They will open it and say ‘this woman was perfect. Jesus will put out his arms and smile and say ‘Tim, welcome to heaven. I love you!’

Tim, is there any reason why you shouldn’t turn and surrender right now?


Would you like to turn and surrender right now, and be forgiven?


I led Tim in a prayer.

At the end he opens his eyes, exhales, and with a huge smile say ‘Wow! I feel awesome!’

I gave Tim a follow up booklet and we talked some more.

Tim knows someone in a local church and is going to contact them.

I spend a fantastic 45 minutes with him.

All glory to God.

Now, what’s the one great lesson here?

(1) Don’t ever give up.  This is not about emotions and feelings.  It’s about Jesus and Lord and the commission. We are under orders. We don’t have a choice. He’s either Lord or He isn’t.  I am either His disciple, or I am not. End of story.

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  • Wade calogaras says:

    Awesome bro, it’s definitely encouraging when another evangelist shares the reality of the normal human experiences we encounter, but pushes through and get’s a response, praise Jesus. thank you also for your consistent comments on your web/blog, without a doubt they will be helping and encouraging many.
    Bless ya

  • admin says:

    Hi Wade…great to hear from you my friend! You’re a great blessing man. Keep the evangelism torch burning brightly down there in Palmerston North!

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