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Presbyterian Minister sees salvations from door to door evangelism!

4 October 2011 One Comment

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the prayer and fasting that is going on at St Andrews in Te Puke, New Zealand. Judy (one of my elders) and I are sensing a real openness to the gospel as we go around evangelising.

You would be pleased to know we led two people to the Lord today. We knocked on the door of one house and a young Indian man by the name of Teji welcomed us and invited us inside for a cup of tea. We readily accepted and then started to give a brief survey to find out if the church is still being relevant to those who might need us. This survey naturally leads to the God questions. Since his laptop was right beside him, we asked if he could go on the internet and watch the video clip. For 11 minutes he was glued to his screen, only shifting his eyes briefly to see who was coming up his driveway. Judy then asked if he died tonight did he know where he would go? His response was hell. Judy then asked if there was any reason why he shouldn’t ask Jesus to forgive him of his sin and invite Jesus into his heart as his Lord and Saviour. At that moment his flatmate (Ashich) walked in and asked what he was doing. Teji and Ashish spoke in Hindi for a few minutes, and hearing the name Jesus being mentioned a few times we thought Ashish was talking him out of it. Then Teji turns to us and says, his flatmate Ashish would like to accept Jesus as well. Judy and I led them both through the sinners prayer and gave out some literature explaining what they had done. They said they would come along to church Sunday week. Praise the Lord!!

We often go out to do the survey between 1-3pm Tuesday – Friday (if time restraints allows). Email me if you are interested to join us.

God bless



Iain Dickson


St Andrews Presbyterian Church
Te Puke
Wk: 07 573 8343

Hm: 07 542 4681 

Cell: 0274 575 849

P: PO Box 382, Te Puke 3119


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  • Amy Flanagan says:

    I got tears in my eyes upon hearing the story of Tej and his flatmate
    Thank you Lord for all your mercy and forgiveness! Thank you for our hearts that beat for you and for brothers and sisters around the world that share Your Story
    God light and blessings,

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