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Presbyterian Minister experiences breakthrough!

26 September 2011 One Comment
A few days ago, Iain Dickson, the Presbyterian Minister in Te Puke wrote to me to let me know how he was going after attending a DNA change conference.
In short, the Holy Spirit has worked through the conference to radically tip Iain’s life upside down.
Just this morning we spoke on the phone and he says he feels like the New Testament has come alive in a way he has never known before!
He has been going door to door with one of his elders, giving the gospel, and praying for people for healing! Sounds like Jesus doesn’t it….

What Iain’s story proves is that if we put into practice what is being taught at the DNA change conferences, and follow through, Jesus will more than meet us and fulfill our wildest dreams.

Follow through is EVERYTHING! I was so encouraged talking with Iain.

He is a man on a mission, on fire, and going places.

The excitement in his voice and his enthusiasm for the work lifted me!

So, if you want a lift in your spiritual life, take a few moments to phone Iain. It’s infectious.

Below is the email I received from Iain. This is only the tip of the iceberg of what he has been up to and experiencing!
Yesterday Judy and I had an amazing time door knocking along Harris street, which is situated in the poorer part of Te Puke, asking people to partake in a survey that asks if the church is relevant anymore, also asking questions around God etc., we then ask for any prayer needs we could pray for.
We always leave them with the gospel tract that highlights the website. 

Judy (my elder), knew many of the people we visited, mainly because of Te Puke High 4th Form Christian camps she has led over the last 20 years.

We could say the ploughing’ stage had already happened in many of their lives. This is step one to drawing a non-Christian to Christ (there are six steps), where ‘any influence upon a non-Christian which makes him or her more open to Christianity and receiving Christ’. Step two is the ‘sowing stage’, which is proclaiming or spreading the whole gospel.

Today I didn’t have Judy with me, but felt to go out on my own. I met a young Indian man who was extremely polite and hospitable. He invited me to have a cup of tea and I presented my survey. I asked if he had a computer and could go on line to watch the website. 

We watched the presentation and was delighted that I believed in God also.  However, he wasn’t sure about this Jesus. He is a Hindu and his name is Harman. Pray that the seed sown would be watered.    

My next encounter was with a Maori lady by the name of Eve. She was baby-sitting her 4 year old nephew. She remembers me when we went to high school in Hastings together and had heard through the grapevine that I had become a minister. 

She couldn’t believe the change in me, especially to what I used to be like as a teenager. I was able to share my testimony and asked if we could watch website together as her laptop was close by.  

I then asked if she knew where she would go if she died. She said she would be buried and her body and soul would cease to exist. She also said the presentation was helpful for she thought we had been created by aliens and was fearful that the world was coming to an end next year.  I clarified a few points about the gospel and asked if she had any prayer needs.

She responded if I could pray for clarity in her mind and for all the other religious garbage she had heard to be taken away. She also asked if we had anything for children at our church and could she bring her four year old nephew on Sunday. 

Praise the Lord! Please pray for the seed of the gospel that was planted in her heart today and it would be watered, grow, and ready to be harvested.

If you would like to attend an evangelism course run by Julian Batchelor then please register at 

There are some key lessons for us all in Iain’s testimony which we ought not to miss.

(1) Iain has courage. He had the courage to start going door to door around his neighbourhood.  Jesus specifically said ‘Go!’ in Mark 16:15.  He also said ‘Go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.”(Luke  14:23). Iain was determined to break out of ‘default mode’ which was stay in his office, business as usual.  It takes courage to put off the old, and put on the new, but he did it. Christian love and courage always go hand in hand.  They are the finger print of God.

(2) Iain has initiative. He got hold of a survey written by Gary Scoggins, the OAC staff member in the Bay of Plenty,  which gave him a tool to connect with people in his community in a non-threatening way. This led to opportunity to present the gospel, pray for healing and any other needs people had.

(3) Iain is thirsty for more of God. He registered for a church DNA change conference because he went looking for skills and tools to help him connect with not only the people in his community but with the mission of God. He was desperate to ‘break out’ of the mold!

(4) Iain is humble. He was humble enough to admit he was stuck in ‘church mode’ and needed to break out of continuously just attending to ONLY the needs of the people in his church.

(5) Iain is a leader. He didn’t just go door to door my himself. He is including others in his church.  He is leading them into ‘living water’. Genuine leaders will go to places in God they have never been before, and take others with them.

(6) Iain is more of an introvert than an extrovert.  He is proving the Bible verse to be true that God does in fact show that ‘..His strength is made perfect in our weekness’ (2 Corinthians 12:9).  Evangelism is not just for extroverts and people with certain personality types. It’s for people with a soft, teachable heart, a little bit of courage and above all else, a heart that wants to glorify Jesus.

(7) Iain is glorifying Jesus. By getting out of his church office, going door to door in his community, praying for people and giving the gospel, he is personally active in the Great Commission. As such, he is bringing much glory to Jesus by taking the light of Jesus into the darkness.

(8) Iain has an attitude God loves! He is not looking for excuses to get out of the Great Commission, he is looking for opportunities to get into it!  Recently I spoke with an elder who had been to a DNA change conference and I asked him how he was doing. He said he and those he came with were not doing evangelism. When I asked gently if there was a reason for this his reply floored me ‘Because we don’t want to.’   The moment he said this, my mind flashed back to Matthew 10, when Jesus sent out the disciples.   What would Jesus have said if the disciples gave Him the reply of the elder?

Now that’s food for thought…….

Iain, you are an inspiration my friend.  You have truly blessed us with your example. You are being Jesus in your community, keeping the works of Jesus and the words of Jesus closely connected, like two wheels of a bicycle.





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  • Anne says:

    Great news indeed. Thats really inspiring. Thanks for sharing it Iain

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