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Prayer For Healing In A Supermarket

16 December 2013 One Comment


I had an interesting encounter the other day.

I was in my local supermarket buying stuff.

There is a check out lady who works there called Carol. I would say she is in her early sixties.laying on of hands 2

Cut a long story short, I always have her on about getting to the gym because she’s always telling me she intends to join but never does.

She and the other staff call me ‘pastor’ because they have all had cards when I pass through the checkout and as a consequence they often bring up some issue to do with God.

Anyway, just a few days ago, Sharon was “on” and we got talking.

She told me she couldn’t come to the gym because she had a bad back, so I offered to pray for her there and then.

This didn’t mean laying hands on here, speaking loudly in tongues, and making an embarrassing scene :)

We both kept our eyes open, no laying on of hands, and voice volume normal for a conversation.  No one else was in the line.

After I had prayed she thanked me and asked if she could come to church.

Her reason? She just wanted to give out to the community she said – to serve other people and help them.

Isn’t that lovely!!!

So, she is coming to church for the first time in her life next week.

I didn’t ask her whether she had watched the gospel via or not yet, but we can pick that subject up later.

Lessons? There are three.

going public with my faith1. When non-Christians tell us they are suffering in some way, do we take the opportunity to pray for their needs right there and then or do we fob them off with ‘I will pray for you’ and then go home and forgot to follow through?

2. Does anyone in the public places we go regularly (I have a shopping centre near where I live so have got to see certain shop keepers regularly) know we are a Christian, or are we silent about this? If so, why so? Are we ashamed of Christ? If so, He says He’ll be ashamed of us. (Luke 9:26).

3.  Do we have a church to take non-Christians to? Is it non-Christian friendly? That is to say, are the messages preached there high in application? Are they from the Bible? Are they meaty? Are the people there good at welcoming strangers? Are there mid week Bible studies in homes which would be a natural place to assimilate people like Carol?  Or is our church more like a club, and clicky? If so, perhaps this is one reason the people in your church wouldn’t bring someone to Church.

I urge you to go public with your faith. Come out of the closet.  Nail your flag to the mast.

There is no such thing as a private Christian.

Once you do, you’ll feel free and liberated. God will smile on you, and, what’s more,  you’ll gain the respect of the unchurched.  They like and respect people who are open and honest about who they are.

Now there is something to think about….

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  • Bruce McIntyre says:

    I think this is the difference to the ‘travelling evangelist’ and the evangelist who works in his home town under the covering of his local Church.
    We are under far more scrutiny both by God and the public, every move we make and words we speak leave a mark on who we are in Christ and ultimately is how the non christian will see our Lord because our actions are the only real tangable thing they can relate to.
    It is an awesome resposibility that we should all take seriously.
    Well done Julian. praying for people in all cercumstances is most certainly a major part of being an evangelist and is not purely for some person who has a ‘gift’ because we all have this potential gift the the Lord imparts to us for someone who has a need, in short ,it is not your gift but is given for the sake of another who is in need.

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