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Please Pray For Brent the Paediatrician In America

18 September 2014 One Comment

Hi everyone,

Please pray for Brent, the Paediatrician in Texas, who God has really touched through reading my book.  prayer hands

He is taking his Life Group through the 12 lost truths.

The first session will be taking place about 11 am today, Thursday NZ time (which is about 6:00 pm on Wednesday evening in Texas).

Tonight he is sharing his personal journey in evangelism using power point slides, and the first lost truth, which is about the Biblical definition of evangelism.

At the end of the Life Group, after discussion about his journey and the first lost truth, he’ll be giving each of his group (up to 15 of them) a hard copy of the Preface, Introduction, and Chapter One of my book which is about the Biblical definition of evangelism.

He spent ages photocopying them ready for tonight!  He’s also be practicing going through the Power Point slides.   What a champion!

He is going to ask them to read these chapters over the next 7 days, and then be prepared to discuss them next week when they meet again.  It’s a great plan.

vision with eyeThe goal, obviously, is to mobilise his Life Group for evangelism (the short term goal), and then to mobilise his whole Church (the mid term goal).

After that, all the other churches in his city (the long term goal).

After that, all the other churches in the USA (the big picture).

It’s a great vision, and Brent is up for the challenge!

So let’s get behind Brent in prayer, especially between 11 am today NZ time, and 1 pm today, NZ time.



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  • Renee Tobin says:

    This is such wonderful news and totally inspiring to me.I love how we can live miles away from each other, and thru being brothers and sisters in christ we are family cheering each other on in the race set before us…GO Brent

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