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Philippine couple Rejoice At Free Taxi Ride!

20 August 2012 No Comment

Last Saturday night I went out evangelising.

First, I went to McDonalds, but there was no suitable situation to whom to give the gospel.

Then I went to Burger King.

I saw a guy about mid thirties waiting outside the toilet area. So I went up to him and asked him the usual opening question.

To know how to start off an evangelistic conversation, click here.

He started watching the gospel video ( and his wife came out of the toilet and joined him.

At the end, he wasn’t sure if he was going to heaven, and she was certain she was going to hell.  He was shocked to find out his wife was not going to heaven.

It turned out they had only been in the country two weeks, and didn’t have a car.

They asked me if they could use my cell phone to order a taxi so they could get home.

My heart leapt with joy at the opportunity to water the seed.

They couldn’t believe I would wait for them while they went shopping.

After they had shopped, and I’d taken them home, my spirit was soaring with joy that God had given me the opportunity.

I am not usually one given to going out of my way to do good deeds for people because I too frequently pull out the “I’m too busy card” but I am learning the importance of doing this, and taking/making the time, especially for the sake of watering the seed of the gospel.

It was a great night.


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