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Pastors From Around The World Postulate Why Only 2% Of The Church Engages In Evangelism (Part 4)

20 July 2013 3 Comments


I signed up to a web site called “Linkedin”.linkedin

Here, pastors from all over the world discuss “issues” to do with Church life.

I posted a question on this site, inviting pastors to comment/ give their opinion.


In the next few blogs, I am going to give you the answers they gave.

They make interesting reading!

Chris Walker, who is a Presbyterian Evangelism Trainer and Coach for Pastors and Church Congregations in the USA wrote:

1). Pastors who are trained to care for the sheep. Seminaries tend to fail in evangelism training. In my denomination, there is not one required course in evangelism in any of its seminaries across America!

2). Pastors with introverted personalities – perfer the solitude of the study rather than being out with non-believers. 

3). Pastors who fail to model personal evangelism – congregations tend to adopt the values of the pastor over time. If pastor fails to model personal evangelism, the congregation may not take it up either. 

4). Privitization of faith – it’s something personal and not worthy of talking about. 

5). Fear of ruining friendships. 

6). lack of their own wonder at what Jesus has done for them. 

I too have been trying to help people see that personal evangelism can be an ordinary part of life.

It doesn’t have to an appointment at 4pm on Fridays, but can happen in the ordinary course of your ordinary life. “

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  • Bruce McIntyre says:

    The one statement that Chris Walker makes here,”lack of their own wonder at what Jesus has done for them” stands out to me more than all the others.
    I am not sure whether I am right here or not, but it would seem that there is a prevalent theme in Church that Jesus is there to satisfy all our needs. Although this is true, and I rejoice in that fact and thank Him continually for all He has done and will do, there seems little taught about how little we desrve all that He has done.
    I mean do we really understand how sinful we are.
    I remember reading about the Nuremburg trials where one of the Gestapo police were on trial for the crimes in the death camps. A witness, an elderly man, burst into tears half way through the trial, to the point they had to have an interval.
    Reporters spoke to the man about how it must have been so hard to bring all these horrors back into memory.
    He explained that it wasn’t that that troubled him but the fact that the last time he saw this man he was in jack boot, black uniform with that familiar cane, a look that became something to fear.
    In the court he saw a clean cut gentleman no different to anyone else, and he realised that it could so easily have been him. Brought up under the Hitler Youth to beleive all that his master had taught him.
    We truly don’t understand how evil we can be until we are found in a place of decision.
    Isiah was a Holy man, but in the when he saw the incarnate Christ he saw himself as he truly is, a man of unclean lips and one whos was as filthy rags.
    Not something that Pastors like to tell thier parishoners, but maybe something we all need to know.

  • says:

    Thanks for the mention.

    Chris Walker

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    You always hit the mark Bruce. Well done mate.

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