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US Pastor Responds To “Islam The Fastest Growing Religion” Blog!

9 April 2015 No Comment

Hi everyone,

My last post was about Islam and Christianity.  I pointed out that Islam was the fastest growing religion in the world. Darryl and Pati

A pastor from America  - Darryl Knappen – wrote a response to what I had written.

I was SO encouraged by what he wrote that I thought  I would share it with you.


“You made some excellent points Julian in your last blog about Islam.

When I first heard that reasoning from Ravi on the radio I said, “That makes sense,” without giving it much more thought.   You gave it thought!

You are correct, if the Christian Church was serious about following the Savior to the end in all things, Christianity would look like it did in the first 2 centuries.

My own boldness in sharing the gospel seems to be growing.

 I was at the VFW (stand for Veterans of Foreign Wars, which is the American equivalent of the RSA in NZ) the other day sitting next to a 50′ish gentleman and asked to hear his story.  

He said his business partner died, in a car crash, he was drinking and smashed his pickup into a semi truck, died instantly etc.  

I then said, “Where is he now?” His response, “He was cremated.”

I said, “I’m not asking about his ashes or bones, I’m asking about his soul, where is he now?”

He said, “Well I hope he’s in heaven.”

My response: “Why would you think that?”  This opening allowed me to share the gospel with him and I encouraged him to view  I hope to see him again as a regular at the VFW and follow up.  

This afternoon I will be in the local hospital waiting room to visit with anyone who wants to talk about eternity.  What a joy.


Such simple series of questions Darryl asked, yet so powerful.  Straight to the point and gentle, with no fluffing around.  Wow! So powerful.  Thanks for showing us how to do it Darryl.


The next day Darryl wrote to me again. Equally encouraging!


The VFW is an acronym for Veterans of Foreign Wars.  

They have posts all over America where veterans can hang out and drink at the bar, play bingo or dance etc.

It took a good deal of Holy Spirit power to overcome my ultra conservative upbringing to actually sit in a bar to witness to people but that has been a rich source of contacts for me.

I even had the chance to do a funeral for one vet friend I met there and the gospel was heard by 200-250 non-believers as a result of me being asked to do it. What a privilege. 

Talk to you soon.

Darryl K.

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