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Pastor Leads Strangers To Christ In His Office!

12 September 2014 6 Comments

Yesterday I received a text from a pastor friend of mine (Bruce Collingwood from Oasis Church in Napier, pictured below) who is sharing the gospel via the video at Bruce Collingwood  He uses this video as part of his conversation with strangers who come in off the street to talk with him in his office.  His church also has a cafe.


“Had a lady come to the cafe today. She asked if she could see me about something.  I played her the gospel video @ Biblein 11. com in my office via my iphone and led her to Jesus.  Then I did some theophostic counselling with her, helping her to deal with issues when she was molested at 10. At the end, I gave her a Bible,  took her back to the cafe, and  told everyone there. They all hugged her and welcomed her! Wow, what a good morning at the office :-

But that’s not all!

@ 1pm, a  man walked in off the street to see me.  I also shared the gospel with him by playing him the video @ Biblein11. I took him through John chapter 3 and then led him to the Lord as well. I also  gave him a Bible.  What an awesome day!


What’s the lesson here? Everyone needs to hear the gospel.

After they have seen the video at,  invite them to ask for Jesus’ forgiveness,  and to turn and surrender to Christ.  One never knows what the Holy Spirit is doing in someone’s heart, unless we give this invitation.

Don’t forget to give them this follow up booklet (below).

You can order these by emailing eleanor : or text her on 021 10 10 150.  This booklet (the did ache or “teaching”) helps to “flesh out” the bones of the gospel (the kerygma) which people see at Bible in

In the early church, the gospel was given in two stages – first the kerygma, which is the bones, or the irreducible minimum. Then came ‘the teaching’ (called the didache) which fleshes out the kerygma.   Wherever possible, we ought to follow this pattern.

How to be sure of going to heaven when we die blue cover in 3d

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  • john cromarty says:

    I also showed the biblein11 DVD to a couple that we had contacted thru door knocking the week before. He turned out to know a lot about nothing, Ie Jesus and Krishna and Buddha went away into the dessert for a long time to study together, but because Hebrews can’t count above 40 they said 40 days in the Bible. Yea right! Still both Steve and his wife saw the full Gospel presentation, the seed is sown, now its up to the holy Spirit to bring the fruit out of the mess in his mind.

  • Brett Whiteley says:

    In my view this is easy for a pastor to do because what is happening is that in saying the prayer the person is being incorporated into a group of Christians of whom the pastor is the leader. For us non-pastors we cannot do this and saying the prayer leaves the subject stranded with only a feeling and no incorporation into s group. If the evangelist is not a significant person in the group one cannot incorporate them into a group because the convert needs to identify the evangelist with the group they are going into. Testimonies like this do not help the poor evangelist who is outside the church trying to share – they become tempted to just “go for the prayer” and end up with people stranded outside the church relying on an event.

  • Brad St. Clair says:

    @Brett Whiteley- Hello. I am an evangelist as well. Maybe I’m just looking at this post differently than you are. I see the point of this post is that we can use the website and video to be a witnessing tool, to assist us in planting the gospel message in someone’s life. My goal in sharing the gospel is that I am being obedient to the Lord, I’m planting a seed in their life, and I would love to be the person that is blessed enough to lead them to the Lord. Those whom I have led to the Lord don’t feel “stranded with only a feeling and no incorporation into a group”, as you stated. If they are truly born-again, they will have a hunger and want to join a church to be fed. I can assist them in finding a Bible-believing church as well. I don’t feel tempted to just “go for the prayer”. I think stories of pastors leading others to the Lord is an encouragement. I know of evangelists who are outside the church that lead more folks to the Lord than I do of pastors – especially outside of the “altar call”. I love to hear stories like this. God bless you.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Hi John…very interesting! :)Good work going door to door.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    This is an interesting point you make Brett…let’s see what others think…if anyone else would like to comment on what Brett has written, please do! We’d love to hear from you…

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Well Brett, there’s one perspective…that’s Brad from America, and he’s an evangelist…I wonder if other evangelists would like to comment on either the comment by Brad or the comment by Brett….bless you guys for taking the time to write in and express what you are feeling..

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