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Pastor Has A Vision For Churches To Evangelise Whole Town!

30 June 2011 No Comment

Many of you know that a ‘change the DNA of your church’ conference was completed in Tokoroa last Saturday. A photographer was there taking photos, so if you want to see if he clicked you, check here

Brian Haggar was one of the pastors who was in attendance. He is not only pastor of the Elim church in Tokoroa but also chairperson of the Tokoroa Christian Leader’s Association.

Many of you have seen Brian’s 2 minute assessment of the conference. If you haven’t, it fantastic viewing. Click here to watch it.Brian has a vision to reach the 14,000 people in Tokoroa with the gospel.

Included in this vision is a plan to ‘up’ the ploughing and watering.

It’s really a vision to see the church in Tokoroa lift it’s game.

To prepare for this, he is going to run another DNA conference in Tokoroa on the 13th of August.

He has already talked this over with a couple of other pastors from Tokoroa who were at the event last Saturday and there is favour there to push on.

There is another ‘change the DNA of your church’ conference in Tauranga coming up on the 30th of July. To download a registration form, click here.

So here is Brian’s God inspired plan….

Brian wants to get as many of the leaders of ALL the churches in Tokoroa to the Tauranga event – deacons, elders, evangelists, pastors of any kind, people with a passion for missions, community outreach, prayer, intercession etc etc.

They will return to their home churches and between the 30th of July and the 13th of August, motivate and encourage the rest of the people in their churches to get to the Tokoroa event on the 13th.

Shortly we’ll have at least one 2 minute DVD which can be shown on a Sunday morning in a church to help pastors/church leaders promote the event.

Guys, this is a God given vision.

Brian recognises that turning the tide of the Great Commission has an awful lot to do with critical mass.

As you know, where there is unity [of purpose] there the Lord commands a blessing (Psalm 133:1)

The more people in your churches who are ‘on the same page’ with respect to evangelism, the gospel, and the Great Commission, the more likely they will create a church with a DNA of evangelism.

If there are more people in your church ‘off the page’ than ‘on the page’ with respect to a Biblical understanding of evangelism and the gospel, then the Great Commission will always be parked up in the hanger.

Here’s a challenge to the pastors in other small towns in NZ and around the world – what is stopping you from following Brian’s great example? When you think about it, Brian’s vision is not new at all.

Jesus commanded us to reach our Jerusalem in Acts 1:8.  Your town is your Jerusalem.

How come it’s taken us 2000 years to get around to it?

Make no mistake, nothing would put a bigger smile on the face of Jesus than this vision, because it signals His church moving in obedience to His express command.




If not now, then when?

If not you, then who?

These are serious and sobering questions.

My prayer is that many pastors and leaders would rise to the challenge and prove the presence and the power of Jesus in them.  The power of Pentecost resides in all who truly believe and through His power, the vision has already been given the blessing of God to succeed. All that’s needed is leaders to rise up and walk in that Power and that Authority promised by Jesus Himself.


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