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“Our Goal Is To Win 1 Million Souls A Year To Christ!”

26 March 2015 No Comment

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, I received a Tweet from a fantastic young evangelist in America.  The goal of his ministry was to win 1 million souls a year to Christ.1m

I slept on this goal and in the morning I woke feeling strongly led to write to Daniel.  The following is what I wrote.


Hi Daniel

I saw you twitter post and felt strongly to write to you after going onto your web site at

There is one thing greater than winning a million souls a year to Christ and that is to mobilise one million Christians to reach one soul a year.

Between these two there is a HUGE  difference.

Daniel, if you want to know how to REALLY put a smile on the face of Jesus, would you consider changing your focus from “winning souls” to “mobilising the Church to evangelise the world”?

For example, say you do end up winning a million souls a year to Christ, and the fruit is all genuine conversions, that’s great! Wow! What an awesome thing that would be!

But if you mobilised and equipped 1 million Christians to proclaim the gospel as they went about their day, and in the course of a year they each won 1 person to the Lord, God will have used you to win 1 million people to Christ.

Not only would the number of souls won be the same in number as what you could have done on your own, but the 1 million people you mobilised would have grown like crazy in their knowledge and understanding of Jesus because of their experiences in evangelism! i.e. the benefits of actually doing evangelism for those doing the evangelism are multiple and well documented.

As fertiliser is to a plant, so evangelism is to the disciple of Christ.

This is why Paul’s job description for an Ephesians 4:11-14 evangelist is to “equip the saints for the work of ministry.” i.e. teach people in the Church how to evangelise, don’t do all the evangelism yourself.

Daniel, if you stick to this Ephesians job description, and remain faithful to it, you’ll have a much more fruitful (and Biblical) ministry.

Now, here is the most important truth of all – even if 1 million Christians went into the world and faithfully, lovingly, and uncompromisingly shared the gospel with a million people, and (theoretically) not one person was won to Christ, Jesus would be thrilled with the result because the ultimate and overriding motive for  “doing” evangelism is to glorify Jesus, not to win souls.  It is crucial to understand this.  There is no greater way to glorify Jesus than proclaiming the gospel.

Would Jesus get more glory with just you proclaiming the gospel? Or would He get more glory if a million others were doing it? You know the answer.

Here is the link to my book which elaborates on what I have written here.

Daniel, I would encourage you to read my book early in your ministry so that you don’t get to the end of your ministry / life and find out what I am explaining to  you here is true! :)

Be blessed Daniel and keep up the great work!  When I went through your web site, I was so excited to see your passion and zeal to win the lost!

Your brother in Christ

Julian Batchelor


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