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NZ’s Only Blind Evangelisers! (Soldiers In The Salvation Army)

6 November 2013 No Comment

I get a lot of interesting emails but never one as interesting as the one below from Greg McDuff.Greg and Bianca

Greg attends Manukau Salvation Army in South Auckland.

At his home, Greg and his lovely wife Biance has been faithfully taking small groups of people through the ESI evangelism series.

Essentially, he is fulfilling the mandate given to evangelists in Ephesians 4:11-14 which is “to equip the saints for the work of ministry.” i.e. teach other people how to do evangelism.

At the end of each course, Greg takes his ‘disciples’ out to teach them how to do evangelism.

In one such group were a couple who were blind!

Below is what Greg wrote in his email to me.


Hi Julian

I just wanted to let you know about an incredible couple at my church.

Blind salvation army evangelisersI’ve just finished running the second small group course on evangelism using your material.

The course runs for 5 weeks and the 6th week is going out and doing evangelism.

In one group there is a couple called Anna and Jason who are partially sighted i.e. blind.

The white objects they are holding in the photo are their fold up white canes.

After only the third week of the course they went out to a shopping mall on the Friday and to the main street of Papatoetoe on the Sunday doing evangelism.

They were extremely nervous going out both times and did it anyway because of their love for Jesus and other people.

I did not urge them to go out at all.

I spoke to them on Sunday afternoon because I knew they were going out and they had given away 20 of your black tract booklets and lots of www.biblein11 cards as well!

They used different approaches and found out what worked for them and are still going strong after 3 weeks.

Love Greg



What I love about what Greg is doing is that he is discipling bite size groups of people in his church in evangelism.

He has not gotten down in the mouth that the whole of his church is not immediately interested.

What Greg did was find one or two in the church who WERE  interested in the Great Commission, and he worked with them.

Through Greg, God fired them up, and they in turn began to fire others up in Greg’s church.

These “others” were the next group Greg discipled.

Eventually, he plans to have the whole church mobilised.

What a legend!


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