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Miraculous Answer To Prayer In Westfield Shopping Centre

20 June 2012 2 Comments

Yesterday, I was training a pastor “in the field” how to do evangelism using my iphone.

When we arrived at Westfield Shopping mall in West Auckland, we sat in the car and prayed a simple prayer that the Holy Spirit would lead us to people who were open and ready to receive the gospel.

I didn’t feel “on fire” or  “pumped” or anything like that.

I had made a simple decision to go and reach a lost person with the gospel, and that was that.

We got out of the car, and began wandering around the shops, trying to discern who to choose.

After 5 minutes or so we saw two ladies in their forties near McDonalds.  They’d just finished their meal.  They looked like they had time.

We approached them in the usual way, asked the usual questions in the middle of the presentation, and at the end asked them where they’d go if they died tonight. Both confessed hell and both, as is usual, said they’d never heard the gospel before.

Now this where it got interesting.

One piped up and said “You know what? Just before you came along, Shiree and I were sitting here talking about God, death, what happens after death, and everything to do with those topics. And then all of a sudden you two turn up! Freaky!”

We talked some more and gave them our phone numbers and the follow up booklet HOW TO BE SURE OF GOING TO HEAVEN WHEN YOU DIE.

When I got back to the car I thought about what just happened. I didn’t feel any special prompting to choose those two ladies. We chose them solely on the basis that they looked like they had time, and they’d just finished their meal.

Those who don’t do evangelism ‘super-spiritualise’  it, making it much more spooky than it is, and much more difficult than it ought to be.

This miraculous answer to prayer is not really surprising. After all, didn’t He say about those who evangelise “Lo, I will be with you ALWAYS”? i.e. whether you are feeling close to me or not.

Now there’s some food for thought…

P.S As I am writing this a text came through on my cell phone. It is from someone I gave the gospel to two months ago – an Indian outside Burger King. He wants more info.  See, the Holy Spirit really does “grow” the seed of the gospel we plant.  But it must be planted. It’s no good sitting in the packet in garden shed.

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  • Bruce McIntyre says:

    When I was in Auckland I was beanching out into a new career in sales, I was tloh by one old timer at UBD Industries his success was due to not picking who he would go to but go to all, and the most unlikely recipinets were in many cases the ones who responded.
    The HOLY SPIRIT is at work in the world even as HE was in the beginning moving through all the lives of all who were reseptive to HIM, all we have to do is go to all and present what HE has already placed in thier hearts.
    Well done Julian, all GLORY to GOD and to the work of the SPIRIT in HIS preparing the ground through others to receive the engrafted WORD that the SPIRIT will increase in HIS time.

  • john cromarty says:

    julian I need more on line cards have run out can u send ????

    cant delay door to door just because I dont have the resources.

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