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Miracle in Rest Home!

22 June 2013 2 Comments
Warwick and Jan Hulse
Hi everyone, this great testimony just came in from Warwick and Jan Hulse, a faithful couple in Hamilton (left).
Hi Julian,

Had a wonderful experience of God Almighty’s power 2 days ago.

Visited an old acquaintance residing in an Alzeimher’s Residence.

He is a  catholic, and I would say totally passed communications now.

Not able to recognise who is who etc. On arrival, the nurse showed me into a large common room,and there he was, sound asleep.

She woke him,  I said  ‘’ hullo Bill, it’s Warwick” He stared at me and after a while, whispered my name! and then went into  shut down mode.

Took hold of his hand and said “I would like to pray for you Bill if you would let me.”

There was just the slightest hint of a nod, so I did.

The upshot  of all this, is, that as I prayed the sinner’s prayer his lips very slowly repeated my words with no sound at all.

old hands

When we had finished, there was a long pause.

Then in a barely audible whispered, his lips formed the word “again.”

His eyes remained totally shut the whole time, but I truly believe that God was opening the door for Bill’s salvation and by asking again, even though he was not full aware of what was going on outwardly, he would have felt his Saviour God’s amazing love inwardly!!

God our Saviour’s mighty Blessings on your ministry,

Warwick and Jan

(1) The mental and emotional diseases many old people carry are not a barrier to the Holy Spirit.

(2) Warwick and Jan had to go to Bill.  Genuine spirituality is more than simply praying for people.  So often we could / should / can be the answer to our own prayers.

parable of the vineyard workers(3) Warwick had to defy his natural senses. Most people wouldn’t have attempted to lead Bill to Christ. Most of us would have said “Oh, he’s too far gone. Let’s just leave him to the Lord to deal with.”  Not Warwick.

He is a man of faith who doesn’t walk by sight alone. Truly, he is a man not walking according to his own understanding (Proverbs 3).

(4) This is a modern day example of the Parable of the vineyard workers (Matthew 20:1-16).  You’ll remember the story.  The owner hired some workers early in the day and agreed to pay them a denarius for a day’s work.

As the day progressed, other labourers started work.  Some even started as the day was finishing! The owner of the vineyard paid all the workers a denarius, regardless of when in the day they started.
The  main point of the story is obvious – even though some come to Christ at the 11th hour, with no chance to help build the Kingdom, God still offers them the fullness of eternal life and all the benefits achieved on the Cross.

Yep,  just the same as those who have been “labouring for the Lord” for a lifetime! What a wonderful promise this is. It’s never too late to turn to Jesus.

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  • Lorraine Wilson says:

    Well done Warwick and Jan!

    I feel so bad that I did not heed the call of the Holy Spirit when I heard that my father-in-law (Jim) was in a rest home on his death bed dying of cancer.

    He had mocked me for many years when I witnessed to him about salvation.

    I finally gave up on him years ago.

    Then I heard he was in a rest home last Christmas.

    The people in Jim’s family and general circle are hardened atheists
    therefore I believe there was little chance of him ever hearing the gospel except the times I shared with him.

    I heard Christ saying – Go to Jim & tell him there is still time to repent. I said – No! I won’t go! I have had enough humiliation.
    I need time to think about this.

    After Christmas I decided I should go but when I got there it was too late. He died a few days before.

    I now have to trust that Christ met Jim in his final hour and that he remembered our discussions & cried out to Jesus to be forgiven.

    What can we learn from this? Feel the fear but do it anyway.
    Listen to the Holy Spirit when He prompts you.

    We are all fallen and need the saving grace of God.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Hi Lorraine….a great lesson for all of us to learn…thanks for shaing.

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