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Massive Evangelism Failure At Countdown Supermarket

7 May 2012 3 Comments

This morning around 7:30am I was buying some things at Countdown supermarket.

The guy in front of me at check out was asked by the teller if he had a ‘One Card’.  If you have one of these loyalty cards, the supermarket gives a small discount on purchases.

He replied he didn’t have one.

I was listening to the conversation so I said ‘Do you want to use my one?’

His eyes lit up and jumped at the idea.

I saved him 70 cents. Whoopee!

He was happy. Smiling, he thanked me. I knew what I had done was ploughed his heart with a good work.


Then I went to give him a card in my wallet…but there was none there! Grrrrrrr……

What a waste of a great opportunity.

What’s the lesson? Be prepared!

I have since filled up my wallet again with cards ready for these spontaneous opportunities to further the Great Commission.

1 Peter 3:15 says ‘Be ready….’

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  • Lydia Wilson says:

    Drat! We’re just getting out of that habit here thankfully. Remembering to have our shoes on (Ephesians 6:15).

    Just thought I’d point out that the biggest failure in evangelism is to never even try. So the title doesn’t mean what I thought it couldn’t!

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Hi Lydia….I hope you mean you are getting out of the habit of making mistakes in evangelism and not the habit of evangelism! And good to see you and your Dad Hugh doing a plug for the 180 degrees movie. It’s a great movie for people to see and very thought provoking. I am just about to release something similar about hell which I felt the Holy Spirit lay on my heart. In fact I wrote the script for it over 10 years ago now but only recently decided to push play on it and have someone do the graphics for it.
    How are you guys anyway, I pray for you both often and thank God for your strong witness down there in Inglewood. Don’t ever give up the good fight in evangelism. For the sake of the name, Julian

  • Lydia Wilson says:

    Hi Julian. Of course not! We’re getting out of the habit of not being prepared to give the gospel. There’s three of us, Mum’s great with giving things out in town and Dad has some movies in his firewood truck. I get frustrated when we miss an opportunity and so do they :)Can’t wait to hear more about your movie! Hope it goes smoothly. We’re doing well. We’ve just had a bout of family sickies and are almost all better again. We seem to need a few more walkie-talky Christians in these parts and a more favourable reception. But other than that, great progress. Praying in the Lord for you also (not quite every day sorry). Will continue to sow the word and hope others will learn how to be good gardeners. Going for him until the end, Lydia

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