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Market Survey Results For Our Follow Up Booklet

30 December 2013 No Comment

Back in November I asked you to help by giving feedback about which cover was best for our follow up booklet.  You remember?

The two designs were as follows:

Here is the old design.  There is a felt love heart  placed in the entrance of the tunnel. We stick these love hearts on manually after the book has been printed.

how to be sure of going to heaven at death 3d cover










How to be sure of going to heaven when we die

Here is the proposed new design.  The felt love heart would go at the top of the steps just underneath the words.

The results of the survey with non-Christians of different ages and nationalities?

70% preferred the blue cover design!

They said it was warmer, more positive, and more inviting. It gave the idea of hope.

One lady in her fifties said “I go for the blue one. Everyone wants to go to heaven at death and this cover gives hope.”

So, there you have it.

The Lessons?

When we asked for your opinion in November (i.e. asking the opinions of Christians), only 1 person liked the blue cover design. But when we asked the target audience (i.e. non Christians) the result was reversed.

Just goes to show you, it pays to do market research.

Which begs the questions “What else are we doing in the Church which WE think is ‘hot and awesome’, but non-Christians don’t think so at all…?” ; “How much of what we are doing / saying / writing / communicating is just pleasing the already saved, but having no effect whatsoever on the unsaved?

Now there is something to think about…

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