Where Have All The Evangelists Gone?

Many leaders are expressing to me their desire to see the five fold ministries (detailed in Ephesians 4:11-14) of the church humming in a local church setting.

They wonder where all the evangelists have gone!

The answer? They are sitting in their churches.

They just need flushing out.

Once out, they need to be connected with their pastor and given a plan to work to.

It’s God’s divine plan for pastors and evangelists to be working together “in house” to grow their local Church. 

ESI is strategising to make this happen.

As a ministry, as you know, we have been running CHANGE THE DNA OF YOUR CHURCH conferences around the country.

When a conference finishes, our goal is to work with pastors, leaders and evangelists who have attended.  The outcome we desire is threefold:

  1. To see their church grow!
  2. To see their DNA of their church become evangelistic.
  3. To identify Ephesians 4:11-4 evangelists who could work ‘in house’ with their pastors to grow their church.

Through these conferences, God is ‘flushing out’ gifted evangelists who are sitting (often dormant) in congregations.

Once identified, we then link them with their pastor, and provide them with a whole year of post conference coaching.

During this time, pastors and leaders work together through an EVANGELISM TEAM LEADER’S GUIDE (ETL guide).

This is a ONE YEAR PLAN to grow a local church.

To gain more of an insight into the process, the ONE YEAR PLAN and this ETL guide, please click here for the first 13 pages of the guide. To see the ONE YEAR PLAN in overview, click here.

If you are not a pastor or church leader reading this, please pass on this blog to your leader. Encourage them to make contact with us (email Julian : julian@esisite.com).

If pastors knew about this process, I know they would be keen to start their church on this journey to grow their church.


At the end of conferences, we ask pastors to appoint an Evangelism Team Leader (ETL) in their church.

An evangelism team leader (ETL ) is a person (someone with an Ephesians 4:11-14 gifting) who works alongside their church leader to help bring their church back to the mandate of Jesus which is to evangelise the world.

It will be through the ETL’s guidance, help, prayers, motivation, love, and commitment that the number of people mobilised in a church for evangelism will grow over time.

As the number of those mobilised increases, so your church will grow.

To grow churches, and to succeed with this strategy, three aspects are vital:

  1. Attending a DNA change conference.
  2. The ONE YEAR PLAN and ETL guide.
  3. On-going coaching.

Last year we appointed Renee Tobin and Chris Redstone (below right) from St Andrews Presbyterian in Waipukurau to oversee the appointment and coaching of ETLs NATIONALLY.

They are doing a wonderful job, and we thank the Lord for them.

Renee was herself “flushed out” at our very first DNA change conference in Palmerston North just over a year ago. Her and her minister are now working seamlessly to grow their church.

As the ministry grew, our intention was always to appoint REGIONAL coaches – people who could work under Chris and Renee to coach ETLs regionally.

We have just appointed our first REGIONAL coaches! Let me introduce them to you.

They are Steve and Sylvia Gibbs from Tauranga.

I have know them for 15 years, having lived with them in their home for 2 years in the 90′s in  Rangiora when I was setting up missions in the South Island of New Zealand.

Sylvia has always been a rabid evangeliser. There is no stopping her!

Steve not so – until he was woken in the middle of the night in 2006 and given a revelation by the Holy Spirit ‘to go into the highways and byways to bring them in’.

It was a turning point in his life!

Steve comes to this position from a background of traveling the world  for Air Traffic Control in New Zealand, writing their procedures manuals.

Steve and Sylvia have an incredible spirit, which springs from their huge heart for the Lord, expressing itself in a desire to see local churches grow through the pastor/evangelist partnership and mobilisation.

Initially, their focus will be churches in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions.

So, if you get a call or email from Steve and Sylvia, you’ll know who they are!  Please hold them up in your prayers and they take up this new position. Steve’s email is stevia@xnet.co.nz

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