The Truth About Evangelism

The majority of Christians in the Church today are struggling to evangelise.

Widely travelled author and Pastor Dr John Piper, in addressing his own church on the subject of evangelism said, “Virtually every earnest Christian is grieved by his weakness in this area. Did you know that? There is not a zealous Christian in this room who feels content with his effectiveness in personal evangelism.”

Piper is right. As an evangelist with 20 years experience motivating and equipping Christians around the globe, I have found that, generally speaking, most are terrified of going to family and friends with the gospel message, let alone total strangers.

They either lack confidence, or they feel intimidated, or ashamed, or embarrassed, or they don’t know what to say – or all of these things all at once! Some would even admit they doubt it’s worth it anyway.

Sadly, some are just plain indifferent to the state of the lost. Yet, we read in the book of Acts that Christians in the Early Church were consumed. What’s interesting is that the Apostles were the Church leaders.

Look at this scripture as an example:

Acts 5:41

“The apostles left the Sanhedrin, rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name. Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news [i.e. the gospel] that Jesus is the Christ.” (NIV)

Wow! What a scripture.

But that’s not all. Church historians tell us that virtually the entire Early Church was mobilised for evangelism.

Yet research today shows only 2% of the Western Church today shares the gospel regularly (To read this research, click here)

God challenged me to investigate the reasons behind the stark contrast between the Early Church and today’s Church. How have we shifted so far from the practice of the Early Church? What has caused this 98% regression over 2000 years? Who has caused this to happen? For 10 years I became an investigative journalist, researching why we had moved from everyone doing it to only 2% doing it.

I have prayed and fasted for answers; I have interviewed hundreds of pastors and leaders; I have read literally hundreds of articles and books on the subject of evangelism, or related to this subject; I have spent countless hours studying His Word; I have reached over 20,000 people personally – strangers – one-on-one with the gospel message.

What was the result? What happened?

Over a ten year period, little by little, God, by His grace, revealed the answers I had been searching for. He revealed 66 reasons why we had moved from everyone doing evangelism in the early church to only 2% doing it today.

I wrote down what the Lord showed me, which I recorded in the form of a book and a small group evangelism discipleship DVD series. He also revealed what we must do to bring the Church back to the days of Acts 5:41. Every one of these 66 reasons is relevant to your church.

When I released the book, the feedback confirmed that this was no ordinary document. It was, indeed, revelation.

Here is what one person said:

‘The best book that I have ever read’

“I am a solicitor (54) and a partner in a law practice in Pukekohe. I unhesitatingly give my endorsement for Julian’s book. Indeed, I would rate it as the best book that I have ever read!”

Grant Buchanan LLB, B.Com

The difference between ‘information’ and ‘revelation’

Why did Grant say it was the best book he had ever read? I believe it has to do with the difference between ‘information’ and ‘revelation’.

Let me explain. The Cambridge dictionary defines ‘revelation’ as “when something is made known that was secret.” By contrast, it defines ‘information’ as “facts about a situation, person, event, etc.”

We know the Bible is God’s revelation to us of Himself. But the revelation I am talking about is a revelation from within the Bible. In effect, it is revelation of The Revelation! God ‘opened my eyes’ to see secret things, not able to be perceived without the special help and grace of the Holy Spirit.

I am not the first to experience this divine help. Many of you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Listen to what happened to John Wesley. On May 24, 1738, he was assured of his salvation through a special revelation from God. As a discouraged missionary, he went ‘very unwillingly’ to a religious meeting in London. There the miracle took place.

“About a quarter before nine,” he wrote in his journal, “I felt my heart strangely warmed. I felt I did trust in Christ, Christ alone, for salvation; and an assurance was given me that He had taken away my sins, even mine, and saved me from the law of sin and death.”

Wesley experienced a special work of the Holy Spirit. What happened after this encounter? Well, you know the story. Wesley’s ministry exploded, and he went out and pioneered what we now know as the Methodist Church in the world. Can you see how powerful revelation can be? It sets people on fire!

Someone else who read my book spoke about how his eyes had been opened through the Lord opening my eyes! In other words, he received a revelation of my revelation! Listen to this from a seasoned, experienced Senior Pastor in Australia:

An incredible book which all pastors should read

“I have been a Christian for 28 years and a pastor for many years and when I picked up this book, I thought ‘I doubt whether this will teach me anything new about evangelism.’ I was so wrong. It has revolutionised my thinking. This is an incredible book which all pastors should read.”

Pastor Mike Smith, Melbourne, Australia

I completely empathise with Mike. You see, God revolutionised my thinking, and now Mike’s thinking has been revolutionised. I say it again, revelation brings radical change. Do you really want to be effective and released in evangelism?

Do you really want to see your church released? Do you really want to see a culture of evangelism (COE) established in your church? Then start by reading this book!

Many other Christians in history have received ‘revelation’ from God like this. Remember what happened to Martin Luther? After years of study and trials as a monk, trying to earn his way to heaven, God gave Luther a revelation of the righteousness of God. He was born again in an instant.

“At last meditating day and night, by the mercy of God, I began to understand that the righteousness of God is that through which the righteous live by a gift of God, namely by faith. Here I felt as if I were entirely born again and had entered paradise itself through the gates that had been flung open.”

I hope you are starting to see the difference between ‘revelation’ and ‘information’

Luther had read Romans 1:17 many times before – just ‘information’. But suddenly, God one day revealed the gravity and truth of that scripture to him, and it became ‘revelation’.

Over a ten year period, God ‘opened my spiritual eyes’ with revelation about evangelism. Information imparts knowledge. Revelation sets people on fire! After his revelation, Martin Luther went out and started the protestant reformation!

Martin Lloyd Jones, the famous British Bible teacher writes: “The story of Luther’s life goes on to tell us that suddenly he saw a statement in the Scripture. He had read it many times before but he had never truly seen it. This is what he saw: ‘The just shall live by faith’ (Rom. 1:17) – and these words absolutely changed everything for him.”

His whole life was revolutionised; he became an entirely different man. He suddenly saw that all his past ideas on justification had been quite unscriptural, utterly false, and the moment he saw this, he experienced a great liberation of his soul.

He began to preach this truth and so began the great and mighty work of reformation.

You, too, qualify for a revelation of The Revelation about evangelism!

Revelation doesn’t just set people like Wesley and Luther on fire for God and evangelism. It also gives ordinary people like you and me supernatural courage and strength to break out of our fears and struggles with sharing our faith!

As believers, the same Holy Spirit who touched Wesley and Luther lives in you and me! So pray for, expect, and believe for your own miracle!

Here’s what happened to one mother who read my book:

A naturally shy girl gains new courage!

“For years I have believed and placated my conscience with deceptive half-truths about evangelism that have actually kept me from the completeness of joy that comes from sharing the gospel.

“I’m forever grateful to God for using your book and the empowering truths in it to give this naturally shy girl the courage and tools to step out in obedience to God and share the clear, defined, POWERFUL gospel of Jesus Christ with friends, family and strangers! Thank you Lord! Every Christian should read this book!”

Holly Ko (29), wife and mother of two, Whangarei, New Zealand

There is nothing more thrilling for me to see how God, through revelation, can shift people upward and onward to higher ground. You see, revelation changes things, people, and situations.

Another pastor in New Zealand wrote to me about how his whole church had been powerfully changed through the material in this book. He writes:

Empowering and life-changing teaching

“I find it difficult to express in words how valuable Julian’s teaching on evangelism is. His book incisively identifies how principalities and powers have managed to thwart in a diabolically intelligent way, the Great Commission Jesus gave us to preach the gospel to all people.

The DVD series which accompanies the book, and distils and presents its message in the most electrifying way, has turned our church around in its understanding, and practice of evangelism. I am stoked with ‘Evangelism: Strategies from Heaven in the War for Souls’ and am certain that you won’t find more empowering and life-changing teaching on evangelism in New Zealand.”

David Balchin, Minister, St James Presbyterian Church, Waihi

You see, revelation doesn’t just set people on fire, shift people to higher ground, empower people for service, and change whole churches. It also exposes myths and lies many of us have unwittingly been living under for years.

Revelation is the truth revealed. And the truth sets people free.

Myths and lies keep people in bondage, in their old shells, in their old ways of living. Revelation, on the other hand, liberates and opens the prison doors. Check out what this lady has to say:

This book is hard to put down!

“Julian, your book is such a clear and practical tool for evangelism, dispelling the urban myths and legends and clearly replacing them with the FULL TRUTH, thoroughly backed by God’s uncompromising Word.

“It is easy to read and once started, can be hard to put down – ‘just a little more, just a little more’ – until it is way into the night (or early morning). ‘Evangelism. Strategies from Heaven in the War for Souls’ would have to be the best book I have ever read on the subject of the Great Commission.”

Ainslie Vines, Librarian, Sydney

So, where to from here?

I want you to take the initiative. Today, now, order my book and the Evangelism Discipleship DVD series and study guide. Take action. Don’t procrastinate. Be part of God’s solution to redeem a lost world. Don’t say ‘I’ll do it later.’

Bill Hybels, in his excellent book ‘Making Life Work. Putting God’s Wisdom into Action’ writes this about the power of taking initiative.

“An alternative to taking initiative is to settle into a mushy belief in some better future that is eventually going to ‘just happen’ to us. Underlying many lifetimes of inactivity is an unspoken but deeply held belief that goes something like this: Somehow, one day my life will improve. Somehow, one day I’ll drift into more satisfying circumstances.

“Somehow, one day what I want will come to pass. Built on the fantasy that rewards will come without hard work, this notion is closer to a wistful hope than a considered philosophy, more akin to a child’s belief in magic than an adult’s grasp of reality. But it’s a mindset that is pervasive.

“Somehow, one day…’ll just happen. Are you sure? Have you seen life work this way? I’ve seen the opposite. The natural movement in life tends to be down, not up. Those who choose to sit back and go with the flow normally end up going downhill.

“That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with a relaxing float down a mountain stream now and then, but if you ever want to see the view from the peaks, you’re going to have to climb back up that mountain.

“Without doubt that uphill walk is going to require action and initiative and nobody who has embraced the ‘somehow, one day’ philosophy will ever reach the peaks.”

(Bill Hybels. Making Life Work. Putting God’s Wisdom into Action. IVP Press. 2003. pp. 31-33)

Don’t pass through this life without seeing ‘the peaks’!

If you want to see ‘the peaks’ in your Christian life, you’ll never do so without personally participating in evangelism. Today I am offering you a door to breakthrough and victory in this area of your Christian life.

Ultimately, only you can take responsibility for your own discipleship growth in evangelism. May God bless you richly as you take the initiative to do so!


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