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In A Church Worship Team, But Not A Christian

12 June 2012 2 Comments

Yesterday I had a most interesting time out evangelising.

I came across two teenagers who were both 17.

After chatting with them about this and that, I shared the gospel with them via my iphone.

I thought they were both non-Christians.

After they had heard the gospel clearly, I asked them the key question “If everything you’ve just watched here on my iphone is true, and if you died tonight, where would you go?”

They both confessed they’d go to hell.

Then I gave them the follow up booklet “How To Be Sure Of Going To Heaven When We Die” and we talked a little about that.

Then came the jaw dropper – one of these guys was in the worship team in his local Baptist Church. He’d been going there for years.

This re-inforced again in my mind the need to:

  • give everyone a copy of the booklet at right.
  • proclaim the gospel regularly in churches and for church leaders NOT to presume everyone in their church is a Christian.

On the contrary, it would be wise to presume they are not.

Now that’s food for thought….

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  • Patrick says:

    Great testimony Julian…. and you’re right, we must never assume all go “go to churches’ are truly born again. I too have met a number of people who initially indicated they were christian and went to church but after hearing the gospel actually realised they were not right with the Lord. Thanks again.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    thanks Patrick..bless you man.

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