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If The Heart Is Right, Opportunities Are Everywhere!

20 April 2012 No Comment

Hi everyone,

The following email arrived today. What’s the lesson here? If we plan to evangelise, we will.

If we don’t, we won’t.

Many people would have missed these opportunities, but Maryna “saw” them, even created them, because she had prepared her heart to create them before she left home.

This is the secret.

Heart preparation, and definite intention. Daily.

This is something Jesus modeled so beautifully. God bless you Maryna. You set out on your day like Jesus set out from Heaven. You are a shining example for us all my friend!


“Before I left home this morning I prayed over the stack of bible in evangelism cards I took with me and I asked the Lord to give me the opportunities and people to give them to.

First of all my handbag’s buckle got stuck between the seats of the bus and I had to ask the driver to wait for me to get off, and the lady who waited with me was the one, we got off and laughed together and she said the zip of my bag is still open, I said, yes, and there are some very important things in here too, here, this one is a gift to you.

As I was sitting on the free shuttle after that reading my Kindle the maori man behind me said, excuse me, is that a book you are reading?

I said yes, you can download 9000 books on this thing, and then I gave him a card as a gift. “Thank you ma’m”  he said, as he got off the bus.

Two heaven sent moments.

O how faithful our Lord is!



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