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How To Formulate An Effective Evangelism Strategy For A Local Church!

14 December 2011 No Comment

Every church wants to be effective in evangelism, yet very few churches actually have a strategy for it.




As the saying goes ‘if we fail to plan, we plan to fail’.

So, to avoid failing with evangelism, we need to formulate a specific strategy.

The dictionary defines the word ‘strategy’ like this:

“a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim”

So, what’s the overall aim of your church in evangelism? What’s your plan to get there?

What does the Bible say we must include? Exclude? Where does one start? What are the crucial components of a effective evangelism strategy?

The following four on-line videos will, step by step, help you formulate a successful, God glorifying, sustainable, evangelism strategy for your church. Enjoy!


Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

Part four:

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