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How To Do Phone Evangelism!

23 September 2013 2 Comments

The other day I was making phone calls to people like Telecom and Apple,  and I thought I would share with you a very cool way ofTalking-Phone-Man evangelising.

It’s extremely simple.

(By the way, if you are in American or some other country, the photo on the right shows where we are technologically down here in little ol’ NZ)

At the end of the call, ask “Do you have a pen handy?”

They always say “yes”

Then say “Please write down this web address”

They always comply eagerly.

Then say “Dub dub dub. Bible (B-I-B-L-E) in (I-N) eleven (1-1) dot com.

Then ask “Did you get that?”

Make sure the eleven is “1-1″ not “one one”.

Next is the key bit.

You have to be enthusiastic and excited (genuinely).

“This is a video which summarises the whole bible in 11 minutes.  It took ten years to make, and cost around £40,000. The graphics are amazing. It tells you the two things you must do to be sure of going to heaven when you die!”

Both times I did this the response from the other person was “Wow! I definitely look at this tonight when I get home”

pen in hand

So if you are fearful, and afraid of going up to people and actually giving the gospel, get the local phone book and start working through it.

Just say “Good morning. How are you today?” Wait for the answer and say “Do you have a pen handy” and go from there.

Don’t beat around the bush. Get to the point, unless you sense the person on the other end wants to chat.

Write to me, and let me know how you get on!

TIP: be careful not to be grumpy (like the cat below) and short with the person you are talking to, even if their I had fun onceservice is shocking.

Be up-beat, nice, patient, jovial and kind.

To do this is to ‘plough’ their heart, getting it ready for your “Do you have a pen handy?” invitation at the end.

Now there is something to think about….

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  • Clare Moore says:

    Awesome Julian, I will definitely try this one. I was telling Renee yesterday about the opportunity you can create using the ads about Funeral Plans. Gary McCormack on his one says he has got everything sorted for when he dies….but that is only the physical sorted….what about the spiritual being sorted? LOL.


  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Hi Clare, good point about funerals and the spiritual aspect. So true.

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