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The Key To Being A Fruitful Christian!

22 October 2014 2 Comments

Hi everyone, recently I preached at my own church about the topic of making Jesus Lord, and what results when we do this. take up cross

If you’d like to hear this message, you can download it here.

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  • Brad St. Clair says:

    Very good message, Julian. In a way, it was like a revival sermon, as it encouraged, motivated, and made clear that we need to make Jesus our Lord, not just our Savior. We do need to be excited. We not only need to take in (breathe in), but we need to give and live for Him (breathe out). Leave it to you to focus on evangelism in the message as well. Very good. God bless you.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Bless you Brad. How are you going?

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