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Honest Pastor Tells It How It Is!

27 June 2011 One Comment

We have just completed a ‘change the DNA of your church to make it evangelistic’ conference in Tokoroa, which is a small town in NZ with a population of about 14,000.

Pastor Brian Haggar, chairman of the Tokoroa leader’s association attended.  After the conference, he went on video pleading passionately for other leaders to attend the next conference in Tauranga on the 30th July.  Click here to view Brian’s two minute video.

To register for the Tauranga conference, click here.


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  • Bruce McIntyre says:

    What a great day it was in Tokoroa an the 25th June 2011.
    It was the day that GOD changed the hearts of many believers in CHRIST.
    I believe This seminar ” CHANGING THE DNA OF THE CHURCH TO EVANGELISE” is not simply a work put together by Julian Batchelor, nor is it a programme brought to Tokoroa through the work done by Bruce McIntyre, but this is a timely event that GOD has appointed by His own divine initiation.
    Anything man applys here is done through the working of the HOLY SPIRIT in those who choose to serve Him.
    All accolades must go the GOD and GOD alone.
    The seminar is a light of truth that will, when applied according to the pattern set in it will bring Evangelism back into it’s GOD appointed place which is the CHURCH, not an off shoot where we have specialist groups scattered through out the country, but working effectively with pastors in a local church.
    This is a must for all leadership to attend.
    The Pastors and leaders in the CHURCHES in Tokoroa all bare witness to the fact that this has changed their way of thinking,
    So as the man who makes Dilma tea would say ” DO TRY IT”

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