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Holy Spirit supernaturally shuts down busy phones for 11 minutes!

23 March 2011 2 Comments

Today I had quite an extra ordinary experience.  I was visiting my accountant and when I entered the reception area the lady behind the desk was not the usual person. The usual person was called Glenda, and the new person Mandy.

I had talked to Glenda before about the gospel, and I remember having a discussion with her about this. She told me that she firmly believed all roads led to the same God, and all the religions of the world were the same, but that she was a Christian.  I didn’t challenge her on the spot about this when I last visited her, because I remember time was short so I gave her the web site address  I figured I would let the Holy Spirit via the gospel do the work, and not me, in an argument. Better to lose the battle and win the war.

When I walked in Mandy greeting me in the usual way and phoned the person I had an appointment to see.  She had trouble finding this person, so I was waiting for several minutes while she tried to track him down.

Suddenly, Glenda turned up. It turned out she had been on a lunch break and Mandy was filling in. Glenda promptly greeted me with great enthusiasm like I was a long lost friend. It was lovely to be welcomed in this way. As it turned out she couldn’t wait to ask me what the web address which showed the video of the Bible summarised in eleven minutes.  She’d lost the piece of paper on which I had written the address last time I visited my accountant.

Right in front of Mandy she asked the question boldly and loudly.  Naturally, Mandy wanted to know what we were talking about.  So I explained.

Mandy, what’s the oldest book in the world?

Mmmm…the Bible?


Do you know old it is?


It’s about 4000 years old, and we have made a video which summarises the whole thing in 11 minutes.

You’re kidding! says Mandy, lighting up.

No, I am not kidding. It’s right here on my iphone.

Right at this moment, the accountant turns up. I  have just enough time to cue the video on my iphone, and set the volume.

Here, I said to the two ladies, take my phone and watch while  I am in with Bill (he’s the accountant)

This is the beauty of having the gospel presentation on an iphone. When I am in with my accountant, two people at reception are being evangelised!

When I returned to reception 30 minutes later, Mandy was not there, but Glenda was.

Julian, she said enthusiastically, guess what! Mandy thought it was fantastic!

Great I said.

You know what (speaking rather surreptitiously so no one else could hear), about a week ago, Mandy was asking me about God and what I thought, in light of the earthquakes and everything.

She bought it up! Anyway, I didn’t know what to say, but I thought of your web site.

Of course, I couldn’t show her, because I couldn’t think of the address, so our discussion didn’t really go anywhere. You turning up to day was wonderful – perfect timing!

AND Guess what!??? We both noticed that the phones stopped ringing for the entire 11 minutes!

Seriously Julian – I have been here all morning and the phones have been going crazy.

All the lights on the switchboard have been flashing all morning.

When the bible presentation was on, they stopped quite suddenly and noticeably- we didn’t even have any visitors in reception!

As soon as the presentation was finished – I mean RIGHT AT THE END the phones went crazy again, and visitors poured in!

Julian, it was a miracle! I saw it with my own eyes! Even Mandy commented that it was freaky! She had noticed too!

Glenda and I talked about this, and finished off the conversation. I went back down to my car, which was in the car park, and picked up a couple of follow up booklets called ‘How to be sure of going to heaven after death.’  In the back of each booklet I always stick an envelope label with the following details:

My name, the church I attend, the web address of my church, my cell number, and the web site

I want them to know my church and it’s web address so they can see we are legitimate and ‘safe’ and not a cult.

The cell number is so they can text me if they want help or want to ask questions.

The address is so they can see the presentation again.

What are the lessons here?

1) Sometimes it’s wise not to go head to head with someone about some funny belief they hold.  Sometimes it pays to keep your powder dry  i.e. Glenda thinking all roads lead to God, and all religions being the same.  If you are going to see the person again, give them the web address  In this way, you’ll let the gospel and the Holy Spirit do the correcting. However, sometimes it is right and proper to ‘contend for the faith’ (Jude 3).  Be guided by the Holy Spirit about which approach is correct for the situation you are facing. Judge each situation case by case

2) Always be ready to give the gospel. I hadn’t planned to give the gospel in the accountants office, but God was ready and He had planned it! Always have your tools with you, even if it’s only your business cards. Click here to view these evangelism cards biblein11instructions page 5

3) Even though Glenda is not probably a Christian, God was working through her and in her to introduce Mandy to Jesus.  God will use anyone to get the gospel to anyone! Let’s not write people off because they are not doctrinally perfect – like we are  :)

4) Iphones are great tools for carrying and delivering the gospel. You can be in two places at once. In this case I was talking to my accountant while my iphone was doing the evangelising in another room! Is this the beginning of omnipresence?

5) Always carry follow up booklets with you in your bag or car.  Be ready to give a reason for your believing (1 Peter 3:15).

This was one of the very rare occasions when God supernaturally and naturally created the evangelism situation for me. 99% of the time, I have to create it.  This is what the parables of the lost sheep and the lost penny are all about – we have go looking, searching and seeking the lost.  See Luke 15 to read these parables.

Most people pray ‘Lord, bring someone across my path who wants to hear the gospel today’ or something like that.  This, in my thinking, is a bit of a silly prayer.  Jesus didn’t sit in some house in Galilee and pray for the Father to bring people to his house.  He went to the people and sought them out. He created the evangelism encounter. He is our example in this respect. Wouldn’t it be better to pray ‘Lord, as I go about my business today, help me create a natural situation with someone so I can lovingly and graciously share the gospel with them?’ Food for thought.

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  • Bruce McIntyre says:

    I have been in contact with a couple , which I got through Neville (a fellow Evangelist I work with). Initially it was to cut their hedge in the house they are renting.
    On the first meeting I took them through teh 11 minute GOSPEL video which I have on an IPOD. The wife agreed with all of it but wouldn;t make a commitment either way 9 she beleives she sold her soul to the devil). But her husband was very interested.
    These to are at war with each other, quite leterally at times.
    I went back there today to fit a couple of fire alarms and miniestered some more. The final result being that on Friday I will be taking the husband to an evangelical meeting at the Vision Church, where I believe GOD will meet him in a very real way.
    The main point here is, I don’t just preach the GOSPEL I endeavour to live it in my daily life, by meeting people in the physical need and their Spiritual need. This is the local Church at work in the community.

  • admin says:

    Hi Bruce, this is a timely reminder to us all that we are to hitch words and works together as much as we can. Bless you my friend for giving such a clear example of how it’s done.

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