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Hindu Saved At A Bus Stop!

13 October 2013 9 Comments

This email came today from my good friend Brett Whiteley who lives in Hamilton, New Zealand. It’s a great read.Brett whiteley


It was my birthday today so I told the Lord the best present today for me would be to share the gospel with someone.

But I haven’t shared for a while so felt very rusty.

Well, I went to the bus stop and struck up a conversation with the only person there.

I told him that finding God was the most important thing, and that it had changed my life.

He told me he had just come out of prison and though he appreciated my talking with him, he was not in the mood at present to listen.

As I moved away  I self evaluated the conversation I had just had.  It struck me that I was far too chatty, and had just beat around the bushes, not getting to the nitty gritty which was the gospel.

So, I tootled off to the  bus sattion and saw an Indian with a smartphone and asked him if he could connect to the internet and he said he could. Great! We could watch the gospel via!

I asked him if he was a christian and he said he was a Hindu.  After a bit of a chat, we both watched the video and I was again impressed by how the presentation covers all the issues so well.  He was very attentive.

At the end of the video, he shared how his christian wife, whom he had married 6 years ago,  was beginning to rely on another man for support and she would not see him.

indian many cryingHe knew no-one in New Zealand and she lived here. He showed me texts he had been sending her pleading for her to have faith in him and promising to change his ways.

He admitted to me that he could seem to change and he kept falling back into drinking and smoking.

He said he was willing to turn and surrender.

I asked him what kind of life he thought it would like when he became a christian and he said it would be good because God would make him a better person.

I felt he was under the false assumption that it would be easy so I had to explain to him that it would be hard because he would have to do things God’s way, not his own way. That is hard.

To resist solving problems the way we want to do it, and always to come to God first and be willing to do it his way can be tough.

I gave him 2 verse from scripture which he read aloud which explained the step of turning and surrendering (Rom 10:13 and John 1:12). I felt he was ready and he was willing to make the step.

He prayed a prayer of salvation, which was not scripted in any way.  It was coming right out of his own heart.

It surprised me because it was a long, deep, and meaningful prayer. It was directly to Jesus.

He admitted his bankruptcy, his willingness to turn and surrender, and his plea for forgiveness of sin. It was from the heart and there were tears in his eyes when he finished.

Afterwards we swapped contact details and arranged to meet. I gave him a New Testament and told him to start in John.God I need a miracle Original Pic

It will be a long journey which we will have to travel together but I believe God will save his marriage if his spouse sees the biblein11 video and she commits too.

I told him to confess his decision to her but he said she would just laugh.   I said that doesn’t matter and that God would honour his openness and honesty with his wife.

I will be having on-going contact with this man.

What a brilliant birthday present.  I came home full of the joy of the Lord!


dont wait for your shipNB: what I love about this story is that most people on their birthday want to party in some way: movies, dinners, ice creams, jelly, going to a show.  Not Brett.  He wanted to do the will of the Lord! What a champion.  Brett, what a lovely heart you have bro.  You are such an inspiration to us all.  What you chose to do on your birthday shows the true nature of your heart.

Brett, you didn’t wait for your ship to come in. You went out to meet it!  And the Lord honoured you!


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  • Lorraine Wilson says:

    This IS a great read!

    Definitely a God appointed encounter.

    Brett, I am encouraged by your story & it inspires me to be ready to speak up even after I have been rejected by someone else – in this instance a close friend.

    It IS important to keep in touch with this man – he will need your support.

    Lorraine Wilson.

  • Oreen says:

    Very encouraging! Well done Brett!

  • Oreen says:

    We have known the Indians to be quite open to the Gospel, here in NZ than they would be back in India! So go for it. I also love your prayer and desire Brett. I find myself doing that quite a few times when I go to the Mall, and it is amazing how the Holy Spirit works. I always come back smiling and praising God. Thanks for sharing and thanks for being bold.


  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Hi Oreen, you can write to Brett yourself and encourage him. He is a mighty man of God and such a lovely person. His email is

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    I think Indians are open because they come from a very spiritual culture? You would know Oreen. Let’s keep reaching them! Bless you

  • Oreen says:

    You are right Julian. They have a deep hunger for spiritual things and for attaining God and Salvation.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Let’s get everyone up and running in your church in evangelism.

  • KevinPhilips says:

    Yep, I also find Indians very receptive to the gospel and willing to be friends.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    True! Thanks Kev

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