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Here Is An Opportunity To Invest In The Great Commission!

24 June 2013 2 Comments


Many of you are aware of the vision we have to develop an evangelism Training Centre at Oke Bay in the visionBay of Islands.

The property is in 3 lots.

On one lot there is a 120 year old Lodge, which we are restoring.

Teams of volunteers, and some individuals, both Christian and non-Christian, have been coming from all over NZ to help.

Restoration started in January this year.

We are making great progress.

Enjoy the before and after photos below.

Before photo

The Lodge is situated at the beginning of the Cape Brett walking track, rated one of the 100 best in the world.

An average of 3000 trampers from all over the world walk the track each year.

after photoAs well as doing what we can to lovingly and gently evangelise the guests and trampers (where possible and appropriate), we are going to turn the Lodge into a cafe / boutique accommodation.

Proceeds from this will go towards financing the building of a back packers.

Proceeds from the cafe and backpackers will go towards building a purpose built evangelism training centre.

We are also renting the house out on a night by night basis to try and generate income.

Please take a moment to check out this web site:

Right now, we are at a critical stage in the restoration plan.

We are looking to the Lord, through his people, to help get us over a BIG hurdle.

investing in JesusWe are asking the Lord for $25,000, which is the cheapest quote we have received to install a waste water system for the cafe and back packers.

We are asking the Lord for:

1 person who would give $5000

1 person who would give $2500

10 people who would give $1000

10 people who would give $500

10 people who give $250

If you feel you have an amount to give which is smaller or larger than anything mentioned here, please do.

One person has already given $1000

All donations qualify for a 33%  tax rebate, as ESI is a charity registered with the IRD. i.e. if you give $1000, you’d receive $333.33 back when you file your next tax return.

Thank you so much in advance for helping



Make a Donation

Evangelism Strategies International is a not-for-profit organisation, so we rely on donations from people like you.

All donations qualify for a 33% tax rebate, as ESI is a charity registered with the IRD. (i.e. if you give $1000, you’d receive $333.33 back when you file your next tax return).

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  • Clare Moore says:

    Hi Julian

    What account number do we use to make a donation to the sewage fund?


  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Hi Claire, the account is ESI 020 272 0186101 000. God Bless you for your kindness. Hebrews 6:10 “God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”

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