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Going To Church All His Life And Saved At 55!

14 June 2012 No Comment

Today I received this email from a friend in the Salvation Army.  His name is Greg McDuff and his lives in Auckland.  The photo shows Greg with his lovely wife Bianca.  

Greg has his own plumbing business, so he is meeting new people all time, which gives him opportunity to share the gospel regularly.

He’s loaded onto his iphone and always has follow up booklets in his van.

This is Greg’s email to me:

Hi Julian
Last week I did a plumbing job at a house in Otara.
The owner of the house was 55 year old Samoan man who attends church every week.
Since he was just watching me work I gave him my phone and headphones to watch the biblein11 movie.
At the end he admitted he would definitely go to hell if he died tonite.
He was eager to accept Jesus as his Lord and saviour and that’s what he did on the spot.
I gave him HOW TO BE SURE OF GOING TO HEAVEN WHEN YOU DIE  and he said he would show the rest of the family the movie later that night.

He had never understood what it was all about until that day despite the indication that he’d been going to Church all his life. 

What’s the lesson?

Always be ready.

Always have the tools.

Always be pro-active.

People like this dear Samoan man are everywhere.   They are thirsty and hungry for the gospel.
We don’t have to go out on a special outing to give the gospel, although there is nothing wrong with that.
Ideally, it’s best done as we go about our day to day life.
In fact, this what “go” means in the verse “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel” (Mark 16:15).
 In the original Greek, “Go” literally means “as you go”.
Food for thought….
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