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“God, I need a miracle!”

19 February 2012 No Comment

Last Friday afternoon, I was traveling from Auckland to Hamilton, a two hour drive.

At Papakura,  it began to rain heavily and I noticed a man on the side of the road hitchhiking.

I figured that if I picked him up it would save him getting soaked, so I did.  He was a ex-gang member, 49.  As it turned out, he had three children to three different woman, and didn’t have a relationship with any – either his children or their mothers. He had no money, no possessions, and a $1000 overdraft.

All he had was a few nicknacks stored in his mums house, and the clothes he was wearing, plus a sleeping bag which was rolled up in a Pak N Save plastic bag.

Tony was on his way to the Hawkes Bay to take up an apple picking job on Monday.

This was a  fascinating man.  We had a riveting conversation all the way. He told me that 30 seconds before I picked him up, he’d sent a text to a friend saying ‘God, I need a miracle’.  This encouraged me. He told me he was at rock bottom.

Naturally, I shared the gospel with him via my iphone. We talked a lot about the gospel message video at

He didn’t want to give his life to Christ there and then, or surrender to Him, but wanted time to think about all he had seen, and all we had talked about.  He told me he’d ‘given his life to Christ’ when he was a teenager, but only to get food and a roof over his head.  Tony had been in trouble even back then, and went to a church for help.  They offered to help him, but only if he converted. He told me he didn’t want ‘convert’ this time for the wrong reasons.

When we arrived in Hamilton, I shouted him a meal, and then took him to a friend’s house, where he was going to spend the night.

His heart was ploughed through good conversation. The seed of the gospel had been planted.  It was watered with a meal, prayer, and good conversation.

I prayed with him when I dropped him off, and we said our good byes. He has my phone number and email so he can contact me anytime. Let’s continue to ‘water’ the seed of the gospel by praying for Tony.

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