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Exciting News From A Pastor In Sri Lanka!

15 October 2013 No Comment

Hi everyone

Last year I was contacted by a pastor  (John) from a great church in Sri Lanka who was surfing the net looking for evangelism web harness the power of the internetsites. He stumbled across ours.

Their church web site is

This is a well established, well organised, significant church in Sri Lanka.

He signed up for my blog and over a period of months we communicated by email.

Cut a long story short, we gifted all our resources to him so he could translate them into Tamil, which is the main language in Sri Lanka (by the way, Sri Lanka has a population of 20 million so it roughly five time the size of NZ’s population).

This morning I received a progress report from John.


Dear Julian,

Greetings in Jesus’ name!

sri lankaJust a few lines to let you know how we are progressing!

1. I downloaded all your “12 lost truth slides”,  translated them into Tamil,  and then presented them in powerpoint to all our leaders (32 people) of my congregation. I had a very encouraging response!

2. I myself have started to share/spread the gospel and have encouraged the other pastors to do the same.

3. I have started to preach on the Truths and revelations from your book “Evangelism: strategies from heaven in the war for souls’  (It’s a great book!)

4. With the blessing of my chief pastor, I shared the 12 lost truths at our monthly pastors meeting and challenged them all to become a Great Commission church and Great Commission leaders who were active in evangelism.

5. I have almost finished translating into Tamil your follow up booklet, “How to be sure of going to heaven when we die.” I will send you a PDF copy once ready before printing and using. I am getting it translated into Sinhala language as well. It will take some time.

go and make disciples6. Thank you for the other resources sent by Eleanor Goodall. We will take copies, translate them and use for training.

7. Now I am writing a tract with clear Gospel message for our context in Sri Lanka. We need to develop more tools to equip our people. Please pray for these things. In Sri Lanka, there are lot of restrictions to gather in homes as house churches and conduct Christian meetings in so called unauthorized premises. The only way around this for us is to launch into Personal Evangelism, which we are going to do now with full force!

8. Next, I want to conduct discipleship classes based on your discipleship study guides and your small group DVD series.

9. One more request! If you have any outlines on “10 mindset change” sermons(strategy 3), I will be glad to have and distribute among our pastors.

I am so thankful to God for you, for impacting with all you have discovered for the mission of the Church!!

May The Lord help us to take the Gospel beyond our horizon. Once again a big THANK YOU from all of us in Sri Lanka!!




Pastor John Isaac,

Calvary Church,

123, High Level Road,


Colombo 6. (00600)

Sri Lanka.

Tel. +94773636002


What are the lessons here? Here are four which come to mind:

1. As a ministry, we need to be on the internet and very visible.

2. We need to have road tested top quality resources ready to go so that we can instantly resource John and other pastors around the world.

3. We need to make them available for free so that cost does not become a barrier.

4. Praise God for John and his commitment to Jesus’ Great Commission.  As always, someone has to take the lead in a church, and when John put his hand up, look what happened!

The most encouraging thing is that thousands may hear the gospel now in Sri Lanka as a result of the financial and prayer supporters of ESI (Evangelism Strategies International).  Praise God for you, if that’s you. None of this would be happening without you.

Let’s continue to pray for John and his team of pastors over there.

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