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Evangelism In The Warehouse

26 April 2015 No Comment

Hi everyone,

For those of you who receive this in countries other than New Zealand, the Warehouse is a department store in NZ like Wallmart in America.The warehouse store

Today I was in a Warehouse store.

A lady in her 50′s served me. Her name was Di.   I knew this because she had a name tag.

I was looking for a particular item.  Di searched high and low and after 15 or so minutes of looking, announced that the store didn’t have what I wanted.

At the end of the search, we found ourselves down an aisle in the store where no one else was around.

This is a perfect situation for evangelism.

I said (smiling and light heartedly) “Di, can I ask you a great question? Someone asked me this once, and it made me really think.  It’s a bit ‘out there’ so get ready! :)

Di said (smiling) “Ok, hit me with it!”

“Di, imagine on the way home today you had a car accident and died.  You came up before God at judgement and He said ‘Di, give me two good reasons I should let you into heaven’ what would you say?”

Di smiled and said “that IS  a good question! Mmmmmmm…what would I say…..let me think…..because I have been nice to people”

This is an excellent questionMe: “So that’s your first answer?  You’ve been nice to people.  What would you second good reason be?”

Di: “Mmmmmm.  I really don’t know. I guess I have tried my best”

Me: “So those would be your two answers – you’ve been nice to people, and you’ve tried your best, right?”

Di: “yes”

Me: “Di, can I be up front and honest with you? With those answers, you’d never make it.  You’d go straight down”

Di: (looking shocked): “Really! Oh my goodness.  What are the two right answers?”

I pulled out the ‘two right answers’ card from my wallet.

Me: “Di, this is a card called ‘the two right answers’ (showing her the side of the card which says ‘the two right answers’).

On the other side there is a web address (pointing to it withthe two right answers my finger),

On this web site there is an 11 minute video which gives you the two right answers.

Di, this card is like a passport.  You can’t get into a country without a passport, and you can’t leave a country without one.  One day you are going to need the two right answers. Here, this card is a gift from me to you.”

Di: “Thank you so much (putting it into her top pocket).  I am going to watch that when I get home!”

Me : “Di, you’ve been to funerals, right?  Well, they usually say about the person whose died that they are up there watching us etc.  To be honest, in 95% of cases, the guy at the front doing the talking is lying. The guy who died has gone straight down.”

Di: “Really? Is that for real?”

Me: “Yes, it is.  Make sure you are in the 5 % group.  Get it sorted.”

We said our good byes and I moved off to exit the store.

Near the entrance to the door was the manager.  I went over to him and said “Excuse me. I have just been served by someone in your store who was just outstanding. She was so professional and helpful.  Could you reward her in some way. She was amazing!  Her name was Di.”

Store manager (beaming): “Thank you.  We usually only get complaints!  Thank you for the feedback about Di.  I’ll talk to her and pass on what you have said.  “the-two-right-answers-2-2

I left the store feeling just so happy.


For the 15 minutes Di was looking, I was chatting with her about her job, her, and her family etc. My focus was on her.  This was ploughing her heart getting it ready for the seed of the gospel.   When she goes home and watches the video, the seed of the gospel will have been planted.

Talking to her manager about her is also ploughing.   The manager will talk to her and possibly reward her in some way. What do you think Di is going to think of me when her manager tells her it was me who gave her a good report?  She is going to warm to me.  In turn, she’ll more likely warm to the idea of watching the video.

How come literally every non-Christian I talk to (and I talk with them on a daily basis) has not a clue about about what qualifies a person to go to heaven?  You know the answer.


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