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Church In NZ A World First!

18 October 2014 4 Comments

Oasis Church in Napier New Zealand has become a world first!

It’s the first church in the world (as far as I know) who has committed World Firstitself to making evangelism its priority.

By this I mean that ALL the leadership of the Church have published the fact that they want to lead the way in personal evangelism, and they want to be accountable for the same.

That is to say, the leaders in this church are leading by example in personal evangelism and have advertised they they earnestly desire to see all their church members follow their example.

They have established structures and executed strategies in the church to make sure this happens.

Evangelism has come out of the  realm of a nice bullet point on their church mission statement, and into reality.

How does this church know objectively how they are doing with respect to this priority?

Oasis church undertakes an anonymous survey each week to measure objectively the level and extent of their churches evangelism activity the previous week.

That is to say, they can measure objectively what percentage of the church is active in evangelism in any given week.

Renee TobinThank you Bruce and Julie Collingwood and your leadership team for having the courage and dedication to the Lord to commit to Jesus’s priority the way you have.

To read the Biblical basis on which Bruce and Julie and their leaders have made this commitment, click here.

I also want to acknowledge the work, teaching, and dedication of Renee Tobin (right).

She has been working with Buce and his church for many months, lovingly coaching them in evangelism, and teaching them about the same.

She has literally spent dozens and dozens of hours working with this church and its leaders.

There are 5 keys to mobilising a whole church for evangelism :

  1. Unanimous leadership buy in
  2. Unanimous leadership commitment to lead by example in evangelism.
  3. Unanimous Leadership willingness to be accountable in evangelism
  4. The implementation of specific strategies to maintain evangelism momentum.
  5. On-going evangelism coaching for everyone in the church  (i.e.5 key factors).

If any one of these five factors is missing, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to mobilise a Church into evangelism.

This is what we have gleaned after 30 years of ministry working with churches and their leaders.

As someone once said (famously), “leadership is the problem, and leadership is the solution.”

Let’s continue to pray for Bruce and Julie, and Renee.

My prayer is that many other leaders would follow their courageous leadership.

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  • Bruce McIntyre says:

    It may be the first, but it certainly won’t be the last.
    There will be many Churches that will be left standing with their mouths wide open wondering where did we go wrong. But it will soon become clear to them, that they have rejected the true calling that our Lord and King placed on us all. That is to proclaim the Good News and to make disciples off all peoples.

  • Bruce McIntyre says:

    Bruce McIntyre A group of us went out Saturday morning to distribute the Hope Project booklets to the homes that had the message “no junkmails or no circulars”. Two went and covered an area of Tokoroa and three of us went to another part..
    Neville and I covered an area where I met a maori lady who I gave the booklet to and she burst into tears. Turns out she was about to commit suicide and was more or less blaming God for not being there for her. she asked me into her home and showed me her Whanau photos that she had placed around her before she committed the act. I reassured her that God does care and she did recognise the fact. While she was talking to Neville I went out to get her a bible and while I was there the other two turned up. It is important here to realise that these two had no idea where we were going, but because they both had recent involvement with gangs these two were more able to meet her in her need that I was.
    God new where she was and heard her cry and arranged two meetings at just the right time to show her that He really does care. Both her and her daughter went to the Salvation Army Church the next ad and really enjoyed it.
    Goes to show that no matter where a person is GOD can and will meet them in that very hour.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Amen. What a great testimony Bruce.

  • Julian Batchelor says:

    Amen Bruce!

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